President Obama Caught On Video ‘Dabbing’ With Usher On The Dance Floor & Grooving HARD (VIDEO)


On Friday night, President Obama hosted the last musical event of his administration. The “Love and Happiness” event was presented by BET and featured performances from several musicians including  Usher, The Roots, Yolanda Adams and others.

During the event, President Obama mentioned that these events had been some of his favorite moments at the White House and he would miss them.

‘We’ve had Buddy Guy and Mick Jagger getting me to sing ‘Sweet Home Chicago.’So this has been one of our favorite traditions, and it’s with a little bit of bittersweetness that this is our final musical evening as president and first lady.’

Regardless of what you think of his policy, there can be no denying that President Obama is one of the coolest presidents ever. The full event will air on BET on November 15th, but we do have a small preview below.

Featured image via Getty Images.