Trump’s Campaign Manager Tried To Smear Hillary On NBC, It Backfired BIG-TIME (VIDEO)


Poor Donald Trump. He just “can’t get a fair shake.” At least that’s what his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki on Monday.

‘I think any objective analysis would show that he can’t get a fair shake.’

She’s upset because Kornacki and others in the press keep asking about Donald Trump’s various scandals, like his tax dodging, fake university scamming, illegal campaign donating, foundation non-certifying, possible speed snorting, bankruptcy filing, pussy grabbing, and child raping.

If anything, Kellyanne Conway should feel danged grateful that no one asks her about the details about the 13-year-old girl her boss (allegedly!) raped and who grew up to file a lawsuit against him. Alas for the Trump-haters in this world, those details are far too lurid, violent, and trigger-inducing to talk about on the air.

Instead, Trump’s most agile surrogate changes the subject and moves on to the latest fake Hillary Clinton scandal du jour…Namely that a Clinton ally supposedly handed $500,000 to a state senate hopeful whose husband was in charge of the FBI’s email investigation.

‘I mean, why the heck aren’t we having wall to wall coverage on what we learned today about [Va.] Governor Terry McAuliffe giving a half million dollars to the super PAC for a candidate whose husband just happens to be the number 3 at the FBI in charge of the e-mails? I mean, why aren’t we talking about $12 million to Morocco? This is news.’

As it turns out, Steve Kornacki is happy to discuss that story with Kellyanne Conway. Alas, that ill-served her purposes as the MSNBC host flatly debunked her claims. For starters, when Terry McAuliffe’s PAC donated $500,000 to Dr. Jill McCabe’s unsuccessful state senate campaign, her husband’s FBI job had zero impact on the Clinton emails probe. The FBI didn’t promote him to a relevant position until later.

‘That candidate’s spouse had a position at the time in this campaign with the FBI, but that position had no oversight role in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. It was not until after the campaign was over that that individual was promoted into a position of some authority, of some responsibility for this.’

We know Kellyanne Conway and Team Trump think Hillary Clinton’s a witch. But, Steve Kornacki wants to know, do they seriously think the former secretary of state could see into the future and know Andrew McCabe would become Deputy Director of the FBI?

‘So, are you — are you suggesting here that essentially they went — there was sort of foresight on the part of the Clinton campaign to enlist Terry McAuliffe, to ask a political action committee to give money to a candidate whose spouse would months later be placed into a position of partial responsibility over an investigation that at the start of that campaign hadn’t even begun?’

Undefeated, Kellyanne Conway turned her boss’ wretched lemon of a campaign into lemonade and chirped, “At least I got you to spend two or two and a half minutes” on her bogus Hillary Clinton scandal. But then Steve Kornacki swatted her down again.

‘OK, so yeah, I just explained it. What happened? It sounds sinister the way you phrased it, I took you through my understanding of it, what happened there that was so wrong?’

“Let the people decide,” Donald Trump’s chief rape apologist proclaimed.

‘That’s my whole point, give people the information and let them decide whether they think there’s something sinister.’

But Steve Kornacki’s not buying the non-scandal Kellyanne Conway’s selling.

‘I just did. You said it’s a big story? I’m asking you why it’s a big story, because everything I just ran through doesn’t sound like too big of a story to me. It sounds like something if you put it in a headline, it might be rough, but when you put the context out there, it’s different. So, I’m asking you, what is the scandal there?’

In other words, the headline may look bad for Hillary Clinton…But when you read the full story, it doesn’t hold up.

Watch: MSNBC’s Steve Kornachi’s not buying what Kellyanne Conway’s selling.

Here’s the video with just the part described above from Media Matters.

Featured image: Video screen grab via MSNBC.