BREAKING: Trump Supporter Arrested Attempting ‘Columbine-Style Event’ At Islamic Center


In a disturbing addition to the discussion of what exactly Trump supporters will do after their candidate suffers a crushing defeat come Election Day, a Trump supporter in southern California has been arrested for threatening to carry out what has been described as a “Columbine-style event” at an Islamic Center in Southern California.

As reported by a local NBC affiliate late Tuesday, “Mark Lucian Feigin was arrested during a traffic stop near his mobile home, where neighbors say he lives with his mother.”

The local television station goes on to report, “[Feigin] is suspected of calling in threats to the Islamic Center twice — once on Sept. 19 and again the next day, LAPD Cmdr. Horace Frank, of the Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau, said in a news conference.”

The source of the two calls was not immediately known as Feigin, but an investigation traced their origin, leading to his arrest.

A search of Feigin’s residence turned up a disturbingly large stockpile of guns and ammunition, and even more disturbingly, Feigin, who worked as a realtor, apparently offered a free AR-15 assault rifle to “anyone who buys a home from him.”

Investigators noted that, although Feigin did make the threatening phone calls and possess a large arsenal, he apparently possessed no concrete plan for making his threats a reality at the time of his arrest.

Omar Ricci, who serves as spokesman for the Islamic Center that was targeted by Feigin, spoke to the incident to local media.

Besides noting that the size of the arsenal prompted him to think that Feigin was threatening a “Columbine-style event,” Ricci also spoke to the community’s response.

He said, “The Islamic Center of Southern California has been a bit shaken by this event. But while we have been a bit shaken by this, this is not unusual.”

He also noted that additional security has begun to be employed at the Center.

Although this incident resolved with no injury or loss of life, other similar situations did not end so “well,” as touched on by Feigin’s chilling remark that “this is not unusual.”

As the most disturbing example, two locally prominent Muslim leaders, an imam and his assistant, were gunned down and killed in broad daylight earleir this fall in New York City.

Coupling the national environment as putreified with Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric with the fact that the two victims were dressed so as to clearly identify their religion led the local community to immediately point the blame at Trump for the murders.

Indeed, Trump has hardly shyed away from disrespecting Muslims to the point of inciting violence. He first targeted the Muslim community in late 2015, suggesting that a “total and complete ban” on Muslims entering the United States was somehow an appropiate response in the interest of national security after last year’s terror attacks in Paris which left around 150 dead.

And the presidential candidate’s rhetoric has nowhere near softened since that time.

Other Trump inspired hate crimes against Muslims have included a Muslim woman being set on fire in broad daylight while walking down the street and the firebombing of a car- with the owner still inside- in the name of opposition to Islam.

Featured Image via Joe Raedle/ Getty Images