Marco Rubio RELENTLESSLY Booed Off Stage After Defending Donald Trump (VIDEO)


Even fellow Latinos aren’t impressed with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. At Calle Orange, a street festival in Orlando with a focus on the local Puerto Rican community, the incumbent senator was booed off the stage while trying to win support for his re-election.

After losing out during the primaries, the former Republican presidential candidate has decided to try to hold his Senate seat and is running against Democrat Patrick Murphy. But as the Florida Latino community has begun to lean to the left, Rubio is failing to gain support from them despite his Cuban heritage.

According to NPR, some Florida Latinos are disgusted by the Senator’s support of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate who has shown outright contempt for the Hispanic and Latino community since his first day in office.

Although Rubio was attended by a group of supporters, when the senator took the stage to address the crowd, there was a spattering of boos.

When the emcee introduced Rubio, the boos grew even louder. The emcee addressed the group in Spanish:

‘I’m going to introduce a man who represents Latinos, no matter where you’re from — ladies and gentlemen, the senator for the state of Florida, a Latino like you and me … his name is Marco Rubio! Applaud!’

Instead of applause, the Republican senator was met with nothing but boos and disgust. He attempted to rally, however, telling the crowd:

‘Thank you for having me today. I want you to enjoy this day. We’re not going to talk about politics today. Thank God for this beautiful day, and for our freedom, our democracy, our vote, and our country. God bless you all, thank you very much.’

The audience continued to boo as he left the stage.

Of course, Rubio doesn’t want to talk politics. His appearance at the Calle Orange festival was a bad idea after endorsing the racist, anti-immigration Trump.

According to NPR, Rubio and Patrick are polling at 40 percent each, making it a tight race for the current Republican incumbent.

NPR reported on the awkward and embarrassing moment and asked Rubio why he thought that the audience rejected him so fiercely. Rubio ignored the NPR reporter, but members of the crowd were happy to explain.

Angel Marin, a retired Army sergeant of Puerto Rican heritage, told NPR that he has voted for both Republicans and Democrats, but resents Rubio’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

‘Latinos might have differences amongst each other, but we’re also united as one. And when we have someone like Trump, who hits our Mexican brothers, our Latino brothers, then you jump on that bandwagon after all that stuff he says not only about you personally … as a Latino, you’re a freaking sellout. I would not vote for him if they paid me.’

Another member of the crowd, Gretchen Valentin, who is originally from Puerto Rico, said:

‘”I’ve never belonged to any political party, but this year, I’m inclined toward the Democrats. The little I’ve seen of Trump and the Republicans and how hard they’ve made it for immigrants has left me unconvinced with them.’

You can watch the video of this awkward and embarrassing moment for Marco Rubio, courtesy of his opponent, Patrick Murphy, on YouTube.

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