Adele Stops Miami Concert MULTIPLE Times To BRILLIANTLY Rip On Donald Trump (VIDEO)


World-renowned pop music superstar Adele announced at a Tuesday night concert in Miami, Florida, that she is “100 percent for Hillary Clinton,” adding that she “loves her; she’s amazing.”

The Democratic presidential nominee herself was in the audience, stopping at the show as she undertook a series of campaign stops throughout the swing state.

Of Clinton’s challenger, Republican presidential nominee and alleged sex offender Donald Trump, Adele added simply, “Don’t vote for him.”

Although the singer herself can’t actually vote, since she is British, Adele’s endorsement is an important milestone in the road to keeping her American fans motivated to actually vote come Election Day.

With Billboard noting in late 2015 that most of the singer’s female fans are between the ages of 25 and 44, and with children, the singer’s fan base thus turns out to consist of exactly the population which is among the most likely to not vote due to, for example, being too busy.

The Washington Post writes of millennials and voting:

‘Millennials in 2016 are significantly less likely to vote or try to influence others vote than were the ’80s generation… or the first wave of postwar baby boomers in 1967. But millennials display about the same level of political interest as the youngest generation did in 1987.’

Although the support of millennials is not the only thing Clinton hopes to hand her a victory come Election Day, millennials nonetheless make up an important component of what is shaping up to be the voting block whose support opens up a wide path to a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Combining this data with the geographical location of Adele’s concert, in Florida, leads to a remarkable level of potency behind Adele’s statements encouraging her fans to vote for Clinton.

Although Clinton losing Florida would not necessarily cost her the election, as long as she won other swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, winning Florida is nonetheless an important part of the set up for a Clinton victory. Losing Florida would make Clinton’s leading margin likely come dangerously close to Donald Trump.

Interestingly, the capacity of the venue Adele played Tuesday night in Miami was 19,600- well over a potential winning margin for Clinton in Florida.

Thus, thanks Adele.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, made sure to whine appropriately while appearing Wednesday morning on NBC.

She said, according to The Hill, “Respectfully, Hillary Clinton has time to go to an Adele concert and everybody else thinks that’s really cool. Donald Trump stops off to unveil an incredible, stunning piece of architecture and new hotel, first-class hotel, and everybody’s hair is on fire.”

Oh shut up. First of all, Trump’s antics in the unveiling of his new hotel represent shamless self promotion at the public’s expense. Clinton attending an Adele show is just fun.

But anyway.

Check out a short clip from the Tuesday night Adele show below.

Featured Image via Michel Porro/ Getty Images