Bernie Sanders Trolls Paul Ryan Like A PROFESSIONAL, Internet Reacts With Joy (TWEETS)


Congressman Paul Ryan made an announcement a couple weeks ago that has actually backfired on him a few times over. He warned the Republican party that if Hillary Clinton wins the election, Bernie Sanders would be head of the Senate Budget Committee.

As it turns out, this warning from the Republican congressman didn’t sound like such a bad idea to very many people. As a matter of fact, after Paul Ryan gave his warning, Bernie Sanders managed to raise over 2 million dollars in a few short days for down ballot races to aid Democrats in the House and Senate.

One thing that helped, along with Congressman Ryan’s “warning,” was the fact that Bernie Sanders took to his Twitter to do a bit of trolling afterward. He hilariously took Ryan’s words, used them against him, and did it in a pretty amazing way.

To frighten Paul Ryan even more, Sanders posted more Tweets to let him know what he was going to do once he becomes the Budget Committee leader.

It’s hilarious that Bernie Sanders took Paul Ryan’s warning to fellow Republicans and used it against him. It’s even more hilarious that he was able to troll him and throw that in his face. That #ThanksPaul trend was kind of a slap in the face to Congressman Ryan, but he really deserved it for thinking anyone would feel threatened by his words.

Bernie Sanders even formed a Thanks Paul page on his website in an effort for his supporters to help raise money and awareness. The page is packed full of pre-made tweets, gifs and various other ways for anyone to share and contribute to his causes.

The fact that Senator Sanders has been able to raise over two million dollars in less than a week just by taking one man’s threat and using it against him just shows that there are a lot of Americans who are fed up with the way Republicans are running the country.

The only people who really should feel threatened and be worried by Paul Ryan’s words are the Republicans, who could very well be unseated in the upcoming election. So, #ThanksPaul, for unintentionally helping out the cause. Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democratic party appreciate the help very much!

Featured Image: Getty Images