BREAKING: GOP Announces IMMEDIATE Impeachment Of Hillary Clinton After Election


As we near November 8th, with each passing day it seems more and more likely that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will become the nation’s new commander-in-chief. But a new report from NBC shows that the honeymoon phase likely won’t last long, if the GOP has any say.

The continuous hacked email releases from WikiLeaks and allegations about the Clinton Foundation have resulted in House Republicans demanding that a special prosecutor investigate the foundation for a series of possible conflicts of interest. Texas Senator and former 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz has also called for a criminal investigation into Democratic consultant Robert Creamer after undercover videos showed he played a part in hiring protesters to disrupt Trump campaign rallies.

Cruz tweeted last week:

‘Voter fraud operative: 45 meetings w/ Obama–this merits a serious criminal investigation (not a James Comey “friends and family” cover-up).’

GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan is also gunning for “aggressive oversight work in the House” of an alleged agreement between the FBI and the State Department involving reclassifying an email sent from Clinton’s private server.

Representative Jason Chaffetz from Utah told Fox News the agreement was a favor worth at least “four new hearings,” calling it a “flashing red light of potential criminality.”

However, the FBI and the State Department maintain that the “quid pro quo” regarding the Clinton email deal never took place. But then again, trying to convince conservatives is an entirely different ordeal.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch told NBC News:

‘You’re going to still have a clamor for a serious criminal investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s conduct with respect to her emails and the [Clinton] Foundation. There’s been no systematic investigation of various issues.’

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has spent months yammering on about how the election is rigged, and many suspect this will put pressure on Congressional Republicans to dig into the allegations of Clinton’s criminal activity and prove her perceived corruption.

Fitton continued, telling NBC:

‘I know this generation of Republican leaders is loathe to exercise these tools, but impeachment is something that’s relevant.’

With the GOP left in shambles thanks to the Donald Trump debacle over the past year and a half, the investigations should be understood as a deflection from the obvious mess of the GOP and an attempt to strong-arm future agendas put forth by the Democrats’ while they gather their fallen party.

Republican strategist Tim Miller told NBC:

‘I do think being a check on Clinton is an important objective to unite the party and get control of Congress back in 2018.’

Although Clinton is probably aware of the GOP’s plans to target her, as she underwent similar investigations during her time as First Lady. She notes in her memoir Living History:

‘The purpose of the investigations was to discredit the president and the administration and slow down its momentum. It didn’t matter what the investigations were about; it only mattered that there were investigations.’

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon told NBC:

‘This is exactly what Americans hate about Washington. Before the election has even taken place, Jason Chaffetz is already planning to further abuse his office and waste more taxpayer dollars on political witch hunts against the potential President-elect.’

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