Scott Baio Just Posted The Most Racist & Insane Pro Trump Tweet EVER, Internet Erupts (IMAGES)


Whoops, Scott Baio, your stupid is showing.

The actor just fired off what may be one of the stupidest tweets of this election season- and that’s saying something.

Baio, who emerged months ago as a loudmouthed surrogate for Republican presidential nominee and alleged sex offender Donald Trump, fired off a strange at best tweet Monday afternoon featuring a screenshot of a posting to a web forum.

The identity of the forum is clearly visible from the screenshot- “Hillbilly Wisdom.”

The screenshot reads, in part, with grammatical errors left in place:

‘I am a Canadian who does not understand American’s sat back for over seven years and watched a Muslim dictator destroy their country “and never protested.” Now they have a man who wants to save their country, “Donald Trump,” and they are protesting against him. Why would American’s want to have their country turned into an Islamic state?’

Okay, stop.

The person behind this text should probably stop drinking.

The error inherent in what is being spewed doesn’t even need lengthy repudiation.

Just no. No, there is no pending agenda to make the United States into an Islamic state. Barack Obama is not a Muslim dictator. End of story.

Baio’s tweet is below.

Thankfully for the long term health of the United States and the world, hardly enough voters to make up a winning bloc of support are actually taking to heart Baio’s good-as-drunken ramblings.

Baio’s presidential candidate continues to sit at a barely one in ten chance of winning the presidency were the election to be held today, a position he has maintained ever since his miserably failing performance at the first presidential debate.

Trump became cemented in his place as inevitable loser come Election Day after audio tapes were leaked featuring the then-businessman bragging to the now jobless entertainment journalist Billy Bush about committing sexual assault, although Trump denied that he had ever actually turned his words to Bush into actions.

And, more acutely, the responses to Baio’s tweet on Twitter itself are on point reminders of the national- make that international, since it’s not as though Twitter users are confined to the United States- attitude towards Baio and company.

Twitter user Jay Hale for example, who has the username of @jhale667, was straight to the point, writing, “That’s some powerful stupid right there.”

Thankfully the majority of Americans aren’t interested in voting for a presidential candidate backed by “powerful stupid.” The question now, though, is what the future holds after the election for the “powerful stupid” of Baio and friends.

Featured Image via Alex Wong/ Getty Images.