BREAKING: Famous Lawyer Gloria Allred Drops MAJOR Trump Sexual Assault Announcement


Out of all the celebrity attorneys on earth, Gloria Allred might be among the most famous and connected. According to her website, she has worked on high-profile cases for celebrities like O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson. She was even responsible for spearheading the sexual abuse cases against the Catholic church. So seems only natural that she’d have some unique insights on the sexual assault allegations surrounding Donald Trump. For Allred, according to The Guardian, Trump’s refusal to cop to his past indiscretions in a nationally televised presidential debate was a portent of things to come.

‘I knew as soon as I heard those words – the denial in the debate – that women would start contacting me and want to come forward.’

Allred has already introduced the world to three women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault, and there are likely to be many more. She had to excuse herself twice from an interview with a Guardian reporter because of the sheer volume of women attempting to contact her about Donald Trump’s sexual misconduct. And many of the claims seem to be legit. Allred told The Guardian:

‘We have spoken to individuals who are potential witnesses, who corroborate that at approximately the time or at some point after the incident occurred, not too long thereafter, they actually told one or more people about what happened.’

To date, 11 women have come forward to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct, some of whom even contacted Allred before Trump’s infamous 2005 recording surfaced, where he brags about grabbing women by the genitals and kissing them without their consent. The most recent accuser, Jessica Drake, is a former porn star and sex educator who says Trump grabbed and kissed her without permission, and offered her $10,000 to accompany him to his room and a party later that night. The remaining women have accused Trump of crimes as severe as child rape. For all the completely outlandish things that have happened in the 2016 election so far, having a presidential candidate under investigation for being a child rapist is certainly the most extreme. The scary thing is, he still has a chance at the White House, even if it is remote.

Although Allred is seen by her detractors as an attention seeker and opportunist, her level of influence and facility moving in the political world is undeniable. In 2009, she destroyed Meg Whitman’s chances at becoming governor of California when she announced that her former nanny would be filing an unpaid wages suit against her. She was also instrumental in the demise of Herman Cain’s presidential bid when she represented a woman who claimed Cain had grabbed her head, forced it toward his crotch, and said “You want a job, right?”

When asked by The Guardian about a critic of hers who disliked her “way of going about it,” Allred’s reply was short and to the point.

‘There are some people who would prefer that victims suffer in silence. I’m not one of them. We’re lawyers. We don’t take polls or votes to see what other feminists believe is right.’

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