Donald Trump Singles Out Black Man, Calls Him ‘Thug’ Then EJECTS Him From Rally (DETAILS)


During a campaign stop in Kinston, North Carolina, Donald Trump had an African-American protester removed from rally by security, calling the man a “thug,” and verbally humiliating him in front of the audience at the Kinston Regional Jet Center.

According to Raleigh, North Carolina, TV station, ABC 11, the protester was removed with accusations of collusion by his opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump shouted after the man while he was being removed:

‘By the way, were you paid $1500 to be a thug, where’s the protester?!’

Bryan Anderson, reporter for The News & Observer, also documented the disruption and posted it to his Twitter feed, although he did not mention it in his news story for the regional paper.

Trump’s public denouncement of the protester follows a speech given earlier in the day in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he promised a “new deal for black America.” The Republican nominee introduced a handful of proposals that he believes will improve conditions in urban areas. The “deal” includes tax incentives and micro-loans for African-American small businesses, according to Fox News.

According to Fox, the crowd in Charlotte was mainly white, but that didn’t stop Trump from trying to court African-American voters with his usual racist rhetoric that seems to include assuming that all black Americans live in gang-ridden inner city ghettos where life is a literal hell.

‘I will be your greatest champion.I will never ever take the African-American community for granted. Never, ever.

‘Some of our inner cities are more dangerous than the war zones we’re reading about and seeing about every night.’

Trump held two events back to back in North Carolina on Wednesday, a state where he has steadily been losing ground over the month of October. Despite a history of being mainly a Republican stronghold, Hillary Clinton shows a seven-point lead in a poll released on Tuesday, with 46 percent to Trump’s 39 percent, a big jump from September when the two candidates were tied neck and neck in the state at 41 percent. Her biggest support is in suburbs surrounding the larger cities, Raleigh and Charlotte, as well as with African-American, Latino, and Asian voters, who are supporting Clinton in North Carolina at 81 percent to 6 percent for Donald Trump.

It’s unlikely that he will raise that 6 percent to a significant degree with the promise of tax incentives, when at the same time he denigrates the black community as “hellish” and calls their representatives “thugs.”

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