JUST IN: Bill Clinton Makes BIG Post Election Plan Announcement, Republicans FURIOUS (VIDEO)


If you had the chance to talk with Bill Clinton, what would you ask him? Nikki Schwab from the Daily Mail hit him with an unusual — but important — question while he campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Kinston, N.C. on Tuesday.

If she wins the White House, what on earth should we call him?

The media has already mulled over titles like “first husband,” “first spouse,” and “first gentleman.” Or Hillary’s husband could call himself “First Dude” as Todd Palin did when his wife became governor of Alaska. Now that polls show the Democratic candidate more and more likely to win, Bill Clinton needs to settle on something.

“What I hope I’ll be is the first volunteer. I hope to be the best free labor she’s got.’

When asked if he’d given much thought to this new title, Number 42 answered:

‘No, I really don’t care what they call me as long as she wins.’

The Kinston Free Press reports Bill Clinton made a surprise visit to greet his wife’s supporters outside of the Mother Earth Brewery in downtown Kinston. “You know if she wins North Carolina, she will be the next president,” he joked with the cheering crowd. “So don’t feel any pressure.”

Bill Clinton has taken a back seat throughout Hillary’s campaign. But, judging by the excitement he generated, Bubba’s still got the magic.

Needless to say, he made a lot of people happy, including Paul Chuset. Back in 1992, he shook Bill Clinton’s hand near the same spot while he was running for president.

‘It’s pretty awesome to be here shaking his hand again 24 years later with his wife running for president’

Meanwhile, Mildred Nobles happened to be driving through town with her 101-year-old aunt, and got to shake Bill Clinton’s hand and snap a photo. She told the Kinston Free Press both she and her aunt were excited to see him.

‘She got to see the first black president be elected, and today she got to vote for the first woman president, and now this is happening.’

Bill Clinton may have picked Kinston out of nostalgia and because it’s near Greenville, where he gave a rousing speech that night. But he also likely wanted to throw a little shade on Donald Trump’s visit there on Wednesday.

While Donald Trump spewed his message of hate, “the boy from Hope” toured North Carolina with an upbeat and unifying message. In Rocky Mount, he told a mostly black crowd he sees the racist subtext of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan and vows that we can do better than that.

‘I’m a white southerner – I know what ‘Make America Great Again’ means, and all of you of a certain age know exactly what it means. I didn’t fall off this truck yesterday, I’ve heard this song a long time. It means first, I’ll give you the economy you had 50 years ago, and second, I’ll give you the society you had 50 years ago: I’ll move you up and move somebody else down.’

And then the “First Volunteer” brilliantly compared the two candidates.

‘She offers answers, he offers anger. He offers resentment, she offers empowerment. He offers conflict — I’ll give you someone else to blame and look down on — she says ‘the only thing that’s gonna get us out of this mess is cooperation.’ He says we ought to approach each other and the world with walls, she says ‘I don’t think so, we can’t get away from one another, let’s try to bridge it.’

Meanwhile, Mein Trumpf’s got nothing but THIS.

Watch: Bill Clinton’s inspiring speech in Rocky Mount, N.C.

Featured image: Gary Hershorn via Getty Images.