BREAKING: American Airlines Plane Engulfed In Flames At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport (IMAGES)


American Airlines flight 383 burst into flames while sitting on a runway Friday afternoon at Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

The flight was reportedly en route to takeoff when it blew a tire, prompting passengers and crew to evacuate. Shortly following the evacuation, the aircraft burst into flames.

There are no reports of related injuries.

As reported by a local NBC news affiliate:

‘According to the Federal Aviation Administration American Airlines Flight 383 departed from O’Hare and was headed to Miami when it blew a tire. The pilots aborted the takeoff and passengers deplaned via a chute.’

Reports are not clear as to what the aircraft disabling malfunction was that led to the fire actually was. The airliner’s official statement says that there was an engine malfunction, and the FAA said via Twitter that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

If you’ve never seen a plane burn, it is pretty dramatic footage, made the more respectable for viewing since there were no injuries.

Videos of the barely averted major catastrophe of course popped up across Twitter, and are featured below.

The first video is from Ivy Charmatz, who is Executive Producer of a local news station in New Jersey.

The second video is from a Twitter user identifying herself as Donna from Norridge, IL.

A live local news feed covering the incident is embedded below.