BREAKING: Trump Campaign Floored After USA Today Drops Painfully Ironic Email Scandal


For all the time Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has spent discussing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails, he’s got his own controversy with emails that not many people seem to know about.

USA Today reports that while digging through mountains of lawsuits the former reality tv star and real estate mogul has had brought against him over the years, they discovered an interesting email controversy surrounding one such lawsuit.

In 2004 a Trump owned business, Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, actually filed the lawsuit that claimed a former employee developed an idea to work with a Native American tribe located in Florida to build a casino. Instead of building that casino with Trump, as planned, the employee took their idea to other developers and completed the project with those new developers.

This is the point at which the emails come in to play. During the court hearings the defendant said that if Trump’s claims were true that there should be emails to back it all up. The Judge then ordered Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts to hand over emails and documents. At a later hearing though, Trump Hotels and Casino resorts lawyer said:

‘My understanding from speaking to my client is that there are no emails. They don’t keep emails from the time period from ’96 till within the last couple of years.’

The Judge in that case spoke with USA Today and said:

‘I was a bit incredulous that an organization of that significance doesn’t do email. I had heard a number of things in 24 years on the bench, but that stuck in my mind.’

After all was said and done Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump’s company settled with the defendants before any ruling could be made by the judge regarding the deleted emails and the accusations that the company had actually destroyed some evidence.

It’s highly doubtful that any of this information will affect supporters of the GOP nominee, however it is worth pointing out that this guy is every bit at crooked and self serving as he claims his opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is. Just because he has no political history doesn’t exempt him from being an awful businessman. His skills as a businessman are a major driving force behind many conservative voters deciding to support him but perhaps they should look a little closer at his history.