Republican’s Respond Online To Hillary’s FBI Announcement With VULGAR Insanity (RESPONSES)


In a shocking turn of events, the FBI announced that it is going to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email, according to Director James Comey. The announcement was made by Comey in a letter to Congress on Friday, throwing yet another monkey wrench into what has already become a tense, even hostile election season.

According to The Washington Times, Comey stated that new emails have come to light that are “pertinent” to the original investigation that were discovered while looking into an unrelated case.

The Washington Examiner posted a copy of Comey’s letter to Twitter.

A number of Republicans are now piling on, taking advantage of the Democratic presidential nominee while most vulnerable.

Donald Trump, her opponent and the Republican nominee for the White House, responded by saying that the system “might not be as rigged as I thought.”

Reporter Jack Fink shared the entirety of Donald Trump’s response to Twitter:

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and one of the leading establishment Republicans, also released a statement on his Twitter feed:

‘Yet again, Hillary Clinton has nobody but herself to blame. She was entrusted with some of our nation’s most important secrets, and she betrayed that trust by carelessly mishandling highly classified information…

‘I renew my call for the Director of National intelligence to suspend all classified briefings for Secretary Clinton until this matter is fully resolved.’

The random right has seized the opportunity to tear Clinton to pieces online.

Many calling themselves “deplorable” suggested that Clinton is “hiding” from accusations.

Others are celebrating with absolute fetid glee and even injecting some mean-spirited humor into the news.

Some on the right have simply lost it, with one Facebook user suggesting that the FBI decided to launch the investigation at this time in order to provide enough time for President Obama to pardon Clinton before the inauguration and avoid prosecution himself.

‘Hillary and her POS husband and their coconspirators will never do time, because this merely gives Obama time to PARDON them all. If they waited until after the election with Trump in the White House, she would have brought the entire Obama administration down and they all would have prosecuted for treason.’

The far right is known for its outrageous and implausible conspiracy theories, but one thing is for certain: The election certainly isn’t over yet.

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