Sorry GOP: That ‘New Emails’ Investigation Story Took Less Than 2 Hours To Get Debunked (DETAILS)


Republicans across America cackled with glee as the latest bogus “news” story about Hillary Clinton’s emails took the Internet by storm. After all, Fridays are slow news days and reporters gotta report. But, as Laurence Lewis from Daily Kos wants to remind everyone, “despite the horrendous reporting, the FBI is NOT reopening” their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

It all started Friday morning when FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to eight chairmen of eight committees in Congress.

The letter informed House committee heads that “in connection with an unrelated case” [italics ours], more emails were discovered that “appear to be pertinent” to the FBI’s closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. But, as CNN pointed out, the emails are “not related” to Wikileaks or the Clinton Foundation, the GOP’s favorite go-tos.

‘Law enforcement sources say the newly discovered emails are not related to WikiLeaks or the Clinton Foundation. They would not describe in further detail the content of the emails. A law enforcement official said the newly discovered emails were found on an electronic device that the FBI didn’t previously have in its possession. The emails are not from Clinton but from someone else, according to the official.’

Republicans and other Clinton haters had a field day as top Republicans called for a new look into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Donald Trump triumphantly declared that he respects the FBI and the Dept. of Justice for having the “courage to right the horrible mistake that they made.”

And even the mostly-respectable Chris Wallace couldn’t resist jumping on the Hillary Clinton’s emails bandwagon since he does work for Fox “News,” after all.

…So the Hillary haters got to have their fun for a couple of hours.

They didn’t get to have their fun for long, though. This supposed new story about Hillary Clinton’s emails started falling apart within two hours. For starters, it may seem like a fine line, but there’s a difference between “assessing newly-found emails” and reopening an investigation.

It turned out those emails weren’t even found on Hillary Clinton’s server, it was on a different “device.”

Once again…These are not Hillary Clinton’s emails and they are not on her server.

Plus…We’re only talking about three emails.

Those weren’t Hillary Clinton’s emails: They were Anthony Weiner’s.

And guess what? Here comes the hilarious kicker…By Friday afternoon, the news was out: The device the FBI found that contained three of Hillary Clinton’s emails? It belongs to Anthony Weiner.

Yes…That Anthony Weiner. The soon-to-be former husband of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin who just can’t stop sexting.

And just because the following tweet comes from a Clinton hater doesn’t mean it’s not hilarious.

So now the heat’s on FBI Director James Comey. What the hell was he thinking? Some Twitizens see him as a laughing stock.

Others see more sinister motives in James Comey opening a new can of non-existent worms in the never-ending Hillary Clinton’s emails saga.

Meanwhile, the alt-right Trump fan girls at Breitbart came up with a novel spin on James Comey’s bizarre letter: Donald Trump’s #WINNING! and Comey wants to keep his job.

Good luck with that.

Featured image: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images.