Keith Olbermann GOES OFF About ‘INSANE’ Election Dirty Tricks To Stop Hillary (VIDEO)


Keith Olbermann loathes Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but not without reason. In his latest rant he called the GOP nominee a “disloyal bastard,” among other things.

It’s well known that reporter Keith Olbermann doesn’t mince words, especially when it comes to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Olbermann’s disdain for Trump is nothing new and in a new video, put out by GQ, Olbermann addresses the disconcerting fact that Donald Trump seems to be a big fan of foreign dictators.

Olbermann starts the rant:

‘Trump, you have now sided with another dictator against the United States. People probably didn’t hear about it because one, for sixteen months now you’ve generated a dozen stories a day that would have caused any other candidate to withdraw and flee to the Cayman’s and two, you have almost run out of new dictators to praise.’

He’s not wrong. The GOP nominee has praised the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin and even North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. Specifically, he thinks it’s incredibly impressive that he took over the country after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, and that he runs it so ruthlessly.

Putin, well Trump’s history with Putin goes back much further than this presidential campaign. For the many times he’s accused Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, of being involved with Vladimir Putin, video evidence of one of the presidential nominees has surfaced confirming a relationship to Putin. That person is Donald Trump. Several times, on video, Trump has verbally confirmed that he does have a relationship with Putin, a fact he continues to deny. This should tip his followers off to the fact that the man lies so much that he can boldly look into a camera or into the eyes of a reporter and blatantly lie without missing a beat.

The list of dictators that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has praised over the course of his career is long, with each appraisal more appalling than the last. Saddam Hussein? Trump approves. China? Trump thinks what happened at Tiananmen Square was a great show of power and strength.

Who is the new dictator Trump is praising?

‘Rodrigo Duterte, the lunatic elected in the Philippines on a mandate of shooting first and asking questions later about possible drug dealers, possible drug addicts. Basically, anybody he thinks should die now, without a trial, without an arrest. Approximately 3000 dead in his first 100 days in office.’

You can watch the entire video below:

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