Trump Foundation’s Largest Donation Ever Just Revealed – It Is DISGUSTING (DETAILS)


Donald Trump loves to bring up Hillary Clinton’s humanitarian efforts with the Clinton Foundation, claiming she uses funds raised to advance her political campaigns. Trump has even been known to claim his foundation is a “huuuuge” supporter of various charitable organizations, but according to the Washington Post that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Post‘s David Fahrenthold put his investigative skills to the test and managed to uncover proof that Trump himself has ultimately been the one who’s benefited the most from the Trump Foundation.┬áLet’s just say that there’s a reason why Trump has been very tight-lipped in regards to who has received money from his foundation.

After months of investigating, on Saturday afternoon Fahtenthold finally published a report detailing a quarter million donation in charity funds to one recipient from the Trump Foundation. The catch? It was Trump’s very own Plaza Hotel.

The $264,631 donation was made to cover costs for the restoration of one of the hotel’s fountains on the front of the property.

But if you know Donald Trump in the slightest, you know that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

According to the Washington Post, various organizations claim Trump was known to show up at charity events without even donating a dime. Clearly he’s great at playing the part of the charitable philanthropist, but the follow through proves to be a different story.

For example, in Manhattan in 1996 the Association to Benefit Children was opening a new nursery school for children suffering from AIDS. The most generous donors had seats reserved at the front of the event, where Donald Trump gladly joined them for the celebration. But when it came time to leave, Trump ran out without leaving even a cent in a donation, according to the charity’s executive director Gretchen Buchenholz.

One donor, Abigail Disney, told the Washington Post:

‘Nobody knew he was coming. There’s this kind of ruckus at the door, and I don’t know what was going on, and in comes Donald Trump. [He] just gets up on the podium and sits down.’

Trump happily sat through photos smiling, ensuring he made the impression he was a noble businessman making charitable contributions to a children’s foundation.

Disney recalls watching Trump leave without giving a donation or an explanation as to why he even bothered to show up in the first place. She remembers wanting to ask Trump:

‘What’s wrong with you, man?’

It’s obvious now that the occasion was merely just a public relations move by Trump to appear generous and kind-hearted.

In his investigation, Fahrenthold also discovered Trump’s smallest “donation” ever – $7 paid to the Boy Scouts in 1989.

According to Tony Schwartz, the co-author of Trump’s 1987 book The Art of the Deal, The Post‘s findings are very true to Trump’s nature.

‘All of this is completely consistent with who Trump is. He’s a man who operates inside a tiny bubble that never extends beyond what he believes is his self-interest.’

Schwartz has publicly criticized Trump throughout the election season, and went on to tell The Post:

‘If your worldview is only you – if all you’re seeing is a mirror – then there’s nobody to give money to, Except yourself.’

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