Twitter Is Going BONKERS Over FBI Director’s Clinton Email Announcement (RESPONSES)


The controversy over Hillary Clinton’s usage of a private email server has exploded back on the scene with less than two weeks until Election Day, after FBI Director James Comey announced Friday afternoon that more emails had been discovered related to his agency’s Clinton email investigation.

And, of course, Twitter captured, via the hashtag “#hillarysemails,” a raucous snapshot of public opinion on the controversy.

It still isn’t clear what the possible implications of the discovery are, with the original letter sent to Congress announcing the FBI’s discovery startlingly ambiguous.

Apparently, the emails aren’t even from Clinton’s private server, instead coming from the personal devices of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her former husband Anthony Weiner, the latter of whom is under federal investigation for a sexting scandal.

The only clear component to Comey’s announcement is that the FBI Director- of all people- acted in sending the letter as if he is nothing more than a partisan hack. The issue over Clinton’s emails, could likely be named, as the issue singularly most damaging to the former Secretary of State’s presidential campaign.

On top of the obvious political potency of any sort of announcement including the words “Clinton” and “email,” there is also the fact that there has still, never been established any legal precedent for the carrying on over Clinton’s emails. She has never been found to have broken any laws.

Thus, bringing up the Clinton email investigation as Comey did, amounts to nothing more than a pro-Trump political stunt.

Comey, for his part, was well aware of the potential election altering implications of his antics in releasing an explosively ambiguous letter against the Democratic presidential nominee.

The FBI Director’s foreknowledge was put on blast by Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta, who demanded late Friday that Comey make public amends for his partisan meddling. Comey, however, has yet to do so.

The controversy also occupied central space on Twitter Saturday morning, with the hashtag “#hillarysemails” among the top trending items across the nation.

Found at the hashtag is both Trump supporters seeking to exploit the FBI Director’s announcement and Clinton supporters tweeting about Comey’s recklessness in making such an announcement less than two weeks before Election Day.

Steve Hirsch, for example, mockingly tweeted about the Clinton campaign “trying to come up with a new campaign strategy” after the email controversy suddenly became a more pressing issue.

Others had the same idea as Hirsch.

And, of course, Clinton supporters have employed the hashtag to express their disgust at the FBI Director’s behavior, as he literally broke protocol to announce publicly the supposed “re-opening” of the Clinton email investigation.

Shannon Watts, of the organization “Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America,” nailed the problem.

While the FBI has fanned the flames of a controversy long put aside as anything of real substance, Donald Trump has proceeded without much mention to his child rape trial on December 15.

That’s right, let’s just focus on Clinton’s emails, right Comey?

Watts linked to a tweet from political commentator Scott Nevins.

Twitter user @Airella013 also nailed it, writing that the fact that Trump has a rape case, Clinton has not done anything criminal, and yet she’s the supposed crook, is “almost comical.”

Featured Image via Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images.