Watergate Prosecutor TRASHES Trump Over Claim Hillary’s Emails Are ‘Worse Than Watergate’


Republican presidential candidate and alleged sex offender Donald Trump took to his familiar bellicose rhetoric on Friday following the announcement from FBI Director James Comey that new emails had been discovered related to the Clinton email investigation, prompting the agency to “re-open” their investigation.

Comey’s announcement came in the form of a startlingly ambiguous letter to ranking Republicans in Congress. The problem, however, is that, for all the pompousness of Comey’s antics in the protocol-breaching letter, the emails reportedly discovered almost certainly have no actual implication on the FBI’s investigation concluded earlier this year.

The emails didn’t even come from Clinton’s notorious “private server,” instead coming from the personal devices of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her former husband and infamous “sexter” Anthony Weiner.

Trump, however, undeterred by any reality based constrictions threatening his rhetoric, claimed on Friday that the issue with Clinton’s emails was “bigger than Watergate.”

The Watergate scandal, when Republican president Richard Nixon came under fire which culminated in his resignation after he used his office to cover up the crimes of Republican staffers who staged a break in at the office of the Democratic National Committee- is it comparable in any way to the perpetually limping along Clinton email scandal?

Uh, nope.

Nixon and those whose actions he covered up were found to have committed actual crimes. Nixon’s successor, Gerald Ford, who took office after Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment trials, pardoned the former president, because he was an actual criminal.

Hillary Clinton has never been found¬†to have broken any laws in her usage of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. The announcement from the FBI is inconsequential at best, and intentional partisan political meddling on Comey’s part at worst.

And who else to speak out against Trump’s latest wild claims other than a Watergate prosecutor himself?

Thus, Nick Akerman spoke out strongly against Trump on Friday, in a statement released by Mic’s Celeste Katz on Twitter.

He said:

‘Donald Trump’s statement that this is bigger than Watergate is totally absurd. There is no evidence of any violation of law. For Trump to reach that conclusion is reminiscent of the innuendo spread by Joseph McCarthy in the early 1950’s.’

Well said, Akerman.

Akerman’s full statement, in which he also goes off on Comey’s negligence in releasing the announcement at all, is featured below.

Featured Image via Maddie McGarvey/Getty Images.