BREAKING: FBI Director Makes INSANE Sunday Update Announcement, Americans OUTRAGED!


In a move pouring salt on the political wound of Democrats hoping for an easy Clinton win come Election Day, it was announced that FBI Director James Comey have announced is “unlikely” to clarify the Clinton email announcement which he delivered to leading Congressional Republicans this past Friday.

Comey wrote in a publicly available letter to these Republicans, many of whom have been involved with the Congressional side of the Clinton email investigation for months, that his agency had discovered emails previously unknown but related to the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s usage of a private email server.

Thus, last Friday the presidential race exploded with the news that the FBI’s previously declared “closed” Clinton email investigation was “re-opened.”

With the Democratic presidential nominee dodging the undertow of the scandal over her emails since basically the beginning of the presidential campaign season, the announcement from Comey last Friday came as bad news, to put it lightly.

In the few polls that have trickled in since last Friday, Clinton’s lead has shown signs of evaporating.

To be sure, Comey’s announcement does not indicate in any way whatsoever that Clinton necessarily broke the law. The emails weren’t even found on Clinton’s private email server, instead coming from the personal devices of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her former husband Anthony Weiner.

The problem is that any headline including the word “Clinton” and “email” is a potent strike against Clinton in her bid for the presidency.

Since there still has never been found any concrete indication that Clinton broke the law, and the supposed newly discovered emails will likely change nothing of that conclusion, the only distinguishable underpinning to Comey’s Friday announcement is a political attack on Clinton.

Public figures including, for example, Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, have issued public demands for Comey to clarify his Friday announcement as not incriminating of Clinton, in an attempt to offset the shock effects from his Friday announcement.

NBC’s Pete Williams reported Sunday, however, that Comey is unlikely to make any such clarification before the election, thus cementing his Friday announcement in the forefront of America’s voters’ psyche heading into Election Day — and cementing his own place as nothing more than effectively a partisan hack.

Featured Image via Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images