Football Fans Stage Mock Lynching Of President Obama, Stadium Response Was DISGUSTING (VIDEO)


Two football fans at a Saturday night University of Wisconsin football game took the hate harbored by Trump fans, modeling themselves after the presidential candidate himself, and put it on sickening display.

The fans dressed up so as to depict a mock lynching of President Obama and Hillary Clinton at the hands of their apparent presidential choice, Donald Trump.

One of the pair donned a black and white striped outfit, so as to depict a prisoner, and put on both a Hillary Clinton mask and a Barack Obama mask. The other Trump toting football fan put on a Donald Trump mask and held onto the upper portion of a fake noose which was around the neck of the person dressed as Obama/Clinton.

Thus, in a conventional public arena, in the year 2016, in “modern America,” supporters of a major party’s presidential candidate find it no big deal to depict the lynching of two of the nation’s leading public figures.

Thus, although this incident is hardly required as a confirming example for the intentions of the Trump camp, these Trump supporters have shown just exactly what time period they would like to see the national clock turned back to in their bid to “Make America Great Again.”

The Trump supporters who staged the mock lynching Saturday night and the millions of Americans who support the same ideology want to see the United States as “great” as it was when African Americans were kept in subordination as slaves, or when they were kept in check by the threat of lynching should they transgress the unwritten, white person developed codes of racial interaction.

These Trump supporters and the millions more who subscribe to the same ideology want to see the United States as “great” as it was when women were kept “in their place” by complex societal shackles such as the prohibition of abortion.

That’s all there is to it.

The shockingly dressed pair eventually exited the stadium before the Saturday night football game concluded. At first, the Obama mask was simply removed, but, shortly thereafter, the fans left.

A statement from the University released late Saturday night calls the fans’ behavior within their “right to free speech,” noting that “the university also exercised its rights by asking the individual to remove the offensive parts of the costume.”

The University’s statement is below.

An image of the pair is below, with the noose and Obama mask visible.

And below is featured a short clip of the pair leaving the stadium, with the noose, Hillary mask, and Trump mask visible.

Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images