JUST IN: CNN BUSTED Falsely Reporting On FBI Scandal To Get Higher Ratings (DETAILS)


CNN falsely reported today that emails recently discovered on a laptop belonging to Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, and her husband, former Rep. Anthony Weiner, were being discussed between Abedin’s attorneys, the Justice Department, and the FBI in order to gain¬†approval to investigate them further.

At this time, however, no discussion has taken place between the departments and Abedin’s lawyers.

It’s been the week for false reports by the media, and all so far have been related to the premature and ill-advised jumping to conclusions about emails recently discovered on the laptop. At this time, none of the emails are reported as having been sent to or by Hillary Clinton, and the “significance” of the emails are still under debate.

During an investigation into Weiner’s alleged sexting with an underage girl, emails from Abedin during her time as chief of staff to Hillary Clinton during her term as secretary of state were discovered. CNN reported¬†that “investigators determined that they appeared pertinent to the previously completed investigation and that they may be emails not previously reviewed.”

That, however, has not yet been determined or announced. The emails very well could be the same ones that Huma Abedin has already been investigated over and for which she testified before the FBI previously. Abedin was considered by the FBI and the Justice Department as cooperative with the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

FBI Director James Comey, a registered Republican, faced immense pressure by his fellow party members to find evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton in that initial investigation, and has faced the massive disappointment from the same crowd when, despite months of investigations, he was unable to do so. Against the advice of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and nearly everyone in the FBI, Comey made a partisan move to “update” Congress on the emails that were discovered on Weiner’s laptop less than two weeks before the primary election.

Comey acknowledged in his “update” that it has not yet been determined whether or not the newly discovered emails are “significant” to the original investigation.

CNN also reports that the investigators are looking for email attachments or other fragments that could lead to the deleted emails that were unable to be retrieved during the initial investigation into Clinton’s private email server. No warrant has been sought at this time for the “new” emails, assuming that any related to Clinton’s time as secretary of state are actually new.

For Secretary Clinton’s response to the new email investigation, see video below:

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