BREAKING: Early Voting Results From FLORIDA Released, Prepare Your Shocked Face


With 1.6 million Florida voters having cast their ballots, early Democratic voters have had a huge turnout in the state’s Democratic counties. In one day of voting, the lead of Republican ballots cast in Florida have been practically obliterated.

Republicans held a two percent lead after 1.3 million ballots were cast via mail, but Democrats conquered the first day of early voting by cutting the Trumpsters’ edge down to 7,000 votes. Furthermore, over 250,000 who are not affiliated with a party voted.

After weeks of Clinton’s strong debate performances and Trump’s endless scandals, Democrats have been more motivated to vote in this election than Republicans. The Clinton campaign has invested more money, time, and resources into getting people out to vote.

On Monday, Republican candidate Donald Trump held a rally in St. Augustine, Florida attacking the “disgusting” media for its “phony polls,” claiming that it was the latest evidence of a “rigged election.” He told his cheering supporters:

‘The media isn’t just against me. They’re against all of you. They’re against what we represent.’

‘I believe we’re actually winning.’

As Trump’s chance to presidency narrows, the real estate mogul still insists he is “winning” and making his supporters believe that there is actually an establishment conspiracy that has been plotted which will prevent him from getting in to the White House.

So far, Republicans only have a slight lead in the battleground state in early voting with more than 665,000 votes cast. Democrats are not trailing by much with more than 658,000 votes.

In a desperate attempt to gain more votes in the state, The Donald made an appearance at one of his Florida golf courses on Tuesday. He appeared with several employees of Trump National Doral and they offered testimonials of their boss. These workers stood next to the candidate while he boasted about his golf course and pointed out that 80 percent are Hispanic.

Trump invited his employees to the microphone to offer words of support, as he insisted twice that it wasn’t rehearsed. One man said that he still supported the Republican candidate, although his family was against it and another put on a “Make America Great Again” hat. Throughout Trump’s campaign, he has continually combined both his interests in campaign, and business while touting his power to create jobs.

That really makes you just wonder what kind of raise Trump had to offer his employees to make themselves look like fools.