Donald Trump Makes WILDLY Un-Presidential Statement On Adultery: It Is NOT A Sin (DETAILS)


At this point, nobody should be surprised by the level of hypocrisy of the Trump campaign. The man has managed to let his personal character flaws hang out so much that he’s inoculated himself against negative press. Nonetheless, you can add “self-righteous adulterer” to the list of acceptable descriptors that can be applied to the most disgusting dude ever to be nominated by the GOP.

The Daily Beast managed to uncover a New York Post interview from 1990 where Trump divulged his opinion that adultery is not a sin. They had to dig deep; because the NYP doesn’t offer any of it’s archived articles from before 1998 to the public, The Daily Beast was forced to procure actual paper copies of The Post. In the interview, dated February 23, 1990, Trump spoke about his views on infidelity while heavily implying that he was having an affair with Marla Maples.

‘”Do you think adultery is a sin?” Trump was asked in the February issue.

“Very good question,” he responded. According to the report at the time, Trump paused and then said:

“I don’t think it’s a sin but I don’t think it should be done.”

The reporters pressed: “Would you do it?” After which, Trump coyly responded “I’ll let you guess.”

He had told reporters a few days prior that he had never cheated on his wife but admitted that he had hid Maples in the Hamptons in order to keep the media from prying into her life. The two met, in fact, in the Marble Collegiate Church, where Donald and Ivana married 13 years prior.’

That same year, Maples and Ivana Trump, Donald’s then-current wife, got into a very public fight at an Aspen ski resort. And later that year, Trump and his wife were divorced. Trump then went on to later marry Maples.

Of course none of this really should be of much consequence, since there’s no practical reason why being unable to keep it in your pants should be a disqualifying factor for someone to govern. It shouldn’t be an issue, but Trump has made it an issue, through his own actions. Because over the course of the 2016 election season, the real estate mogul has repeatedly attempted to use Bill Clinton’s infidelities as a weapon against Hillary. He’s even gone so far as to blame Hillary for these scandals, calling her an “enabler”.

It’s tempting to hope that the serial adulterer gets his comeuppance once the Christian-heavy nation of the U.S.A. gets wind of his hypocrisy concerning his past indiscretions. But anyone who’s familiar with the arc of this presidential campaign should know that scenario isn’t likely. If allegations of raping a 13-year-old girl aren’t going to sink his campaign, there’s probably no new piece of news that will. The only thing that can keep Donald Trump out of the White House this year is if as many adults of voting age make up their minds to head to the polls on November 8th. November 28th if you’re a Trump supporter.

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