HELL HATH FROZEN OVER: Karl Rove Rushes To Defense Of Hillary Clinton, Attacks FBI (QUOTES)


Conservative political god-man Karl Rove just turned his back on the Republican Party and put FBI Director James Comey on blast for the breach of protocol represented by his Friday Clinton email announcement.

On Friday, Comey sent a publicly available letter to leading Republicans in Congress who have long been involved in the Congressional side of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s usage of a private email server while she served as Secretary of State.

The FBI Director related in this letter — using ambiguous language which would turn out to haunt both Comey and the entire presidential race — that emails previously unknown to the agency and related to the Clinton email investigation had been discovered.

Soon after Comey’s letter first began to circulate, the national political conversation exploded with talk of the Clinton email investigation once more, in a resurgence of a campaign viability threatening issue which the Clinton camp has been fighting to put to rest since the FBI and Comey himself had declared the issue closed in July, much to the chagrin of Republicans who were clamoring for Comey to find some way to hold Clinton legally accountable for her supposed illegal behavior in using her private email server.

The Republican Comey, for his part, was by all appearances well aware of the explosive political effects of his letter before he sent it, a letter which, mind you, breached protocol and went directly against the counsel of figures such as US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Revealing such a detail to an investigation in the way Comey did simply isn’t done when the FBI functions according to standard.

Comey’s behavior thus transcends the realm of simple partisan politics and becomes an exercise in seeing how far he can get with pushing the boundaries of ethics and decency. Many public figures, including Karl Rove — who said that Comey was “wrong on Friday” — cannot stomach seeing what is supposed to be an institution of American justice and security turned into effectively nothing more than a political tool at Comey’s hands.

As for any quantifiable impact on the presidential race from Comey’s announcement, the margin between Trump and Clinton has been slowly but surely shrinking, but the Democratic presidential nominee remains in the lead — for now.

Featured Image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images