Liberals Hijack (misspelled) ‘#HillaryForPrision’ Hashtag With HILARIOUS Results (TWEETS)


Anyone who is familiar with social media knows Twitter is the place to be for the most up-to-the-minute trending news. In fact, mainstream media uses it in their reporting for updates, especially in ongoing situations like riots, terrorist attacks, etc.

It’s also great for gauging the online community’s stance on issues, especially when it comes to this year’s tumultuous election. Thanks to the hashtag system that has taken over everyone’s life, there is an easy way to see what people think when you check out what hashtag is trending.

Today, a hashtag calling for Hillary to be put in prison is trending. This wouldn’t be a shock except it’s actually misspelled (and still trending). Instead of #HillaryForPrison trending, #HillaryForPrision is the trending hashtag, and it’s number two on the list of trending hashtags.

So, why would something misspelled be trending? #Trumpkins claim they are being blocked when using the correctly spelled hashtag and have gone so far as to call Twitter a Communist entity.

‘It’s spelled #HillaryForPrision because Communist twitter won’t let #HillaryForPrison trend’

They also believe they are totally smooth, sly, and genius for coming up with the misspelled hashtag. #Trumpkins are also accusing Twitter of being accomplices to Clinton’s alleged crimes.

‘Really Twitter, you think changing the spelling is going to help her? You’re officially accomplices to her crimes. #HillaryForPrision’

Fine. However, the hashtag is also trending because Liberals have now completely hijacked it, and they are having all sorts of fun with it as you can see below.

‘this is priceless. keep this Trending please..they think their spelling is not a further sign of ignorance. #HillaryForPrision’

‘It’s fascinating, and telling, that the #HillaryForPrision hashtag misspells “prison.”‘

‘Good morning #HillaryForPrision haters, misspelling it so it trends won’t help defeat her anymore than the correct spelling.’

‘No one ever said deplorables are any good at spelling #HillaryForPrision’

In all fairness, we do realize this tweet suffers from some grammatical errors.

‘#HillaryForPrision is trending… spelling error included. Thats[sic] all you need to know about #TrumpSupporters’

‘#HillaryForPrision is trending, but what is “prision”? Answer, probably: Spelling is RIGGED! Lamestream media’s elitist influence! SAD!’

‘#HillaryForPrision yah!! An oval one, let’s send her there for 8yrs, sentence her to hard labor on behalf of the American people’

‘Why is #HillaryForPrision trending? First of all, you can’t arrest someone when they were deemed innocent. Second of all, THAT TYPO THO’

‘Well I don’t know about everyone else but seeing #HillaryForPrision trend just reassures me that the Russian spies can’t spell.’

Featured image via Getty Images/Maddie McGarvey.