Trump’s #1 Fan Surprises America & Turns Against Him Over ‘FBI Probe (DETAILS)


Right wing nut job and former Illinois Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh has startlingly broken rank with the GOP to ditch Trump on one very telling issue: FBI Director James Comey’s letter hyping up the discovery of new emails supposedly related to the Clinton email investigation.

Last Friday, Comey sent said letter to leading Congressional Republicans, immediately setting the nation’s political conversation ablaze with talk of the “re-opening” of the FBI’s Clinton email investigation, which was originally pronounced closed in early July.

This buzz was bad news at best for the Clinton campaign, which before Comey’s announcement was looking at a relatively easy path to Clinton winning the presidency come Election Day in just under two weeks time.

Instead, the Clinton campaign has been put on the defensive, and is looking at a steadily closing gap between the two major party presidential candidates.

Comey’s letter, hyping up a relatively mundane development in an issue so intertwined with the next four years of American presidential leadership, has been accused in multiple contexts of being in violation of federal law. The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from meddling in American elections, and election meddling is all that Comey’s letter boils down to, since there is literally no game changing detail to the Clinton email investigation added therein.

And all of this Comey driven mess is what Joe Walsh, of all people, went on a tweetstorm to discuss late Sunday night.

Walsh wrote that Comey “wrongly stuck it to [Clinton] on Friday” and said that “what [Comey] just did 11 days [before] the election is wrong and unfair to Hillary.”

And he was far from through with his rant.

He continued, writing, “Hillary is corrupt as hell, but [James Comey] has no right to mess with an election. He goes public [because] of emails no one has seen? Just wrong.”

Walsh, mind you, is the same former Tea Party Congressman who recently made headlines for announcing that he was planning to “take up his musket” should his presidential candidate of choice, Donald Trump, lose.

Yes it’s really the same guy. And even he thinks that Comey’s behavior in sending the Friday letter was out of line.

Featured Image via Brendan Hoffman/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images.