JUST IN: Jill Stein Surprises America, Makes ANGRY 2016 Presidential Endorsement (DETAILS)


It’s a good thing for Jill Stein that she doesn’t have to worry about having access to birth control. Or getting pulled over for driving while black, having her parents get deported from the U.S., becoming even more at risk for anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim hate crimes, or dying for lack of health insurance.

If Donald Trump wins because of her spoiler Green Party candidacy, she won’t feel the dire consequences of Donald Trump winning the White House. But the rest of us will. And those of us who aren’t rich, white, straight, cis-gender, and living in a blue state like Jill Stein will suffer, and often suffer horribly. Say goodbye to Obamacare, women’s health clinics, food stamps, marriage equality, public education, labor laws, environmental laws, and our slow-but-sure economic recovery. Say hello to recession, hate crimes, mass deportations, lynch mobs, the Christian Taliban, climate change-related “severe weather events,” and our new friend and ally Vladimir Putin.

Until now, Jill Stein has claimed she’s not running as a spoiler and that people should vote their conscience. Which kind of makes sense until you recall the 2000 election. Remember how a huge majority of us voted for the center-left and far-left candidates, but we still wound up with the most far-right presidents our nation has ever seen? That’s because the Green Party’s Ralph Nader siphoned off 2.8 million votes from Al Gore. It doesn’t matter that Gore still had half-a-million more votes than George W. Bush, more of those votes needed to be in Florida to swing the electoral college. And in this country, it’s winner-takes-all — even if Donald Trump doesn’t accept the final election results.

Jill Stein thinks Hillary Clinton is more dangerous than Donald Trump. She is wrong.

But now, finally, Jill Stein admits where she really stands. In an open letter from “Jillian,” the social media director for her campaign, “Jillian” Stein writes:

‘A Clinton presidency is D A N G E R O U S. … If a Trump presidency would mean that we have to fight ignorants [sic.] in the streets—I’m ready for that.’

Seriously? Yes, people, it’s all right there for the world to see. Jill Stein would rather have a Donald Trump presidency open the floodgates to violence and bloodshed in the streets of our nation than have Hillary Clinton as president.

Never mind that Hillary Clinton’s platform is the most progressive presidential platform since Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson (another non-morally inspiring president who “got things done” like the Civil Rights Act). Never mind that even if you don’t like Hillary Clinton — and many of us here at Bipartisan Report don’t — she’s not half as evil or scary as Donald Trump.

Never mind that with Hillary Clinton, those of us who lean farther left still have a seat at the table. Never mind that if Donald Trump wins, the Republicans will likely control the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court once the Bible-thumping troglodyte Trump nominates sails through the Senate.

While it’s hard to doubt Jill Stein’s good intentions, she clearly doesn’t get it. She doesn’t see that many of our black, Hispanic, Muslim, and LGBT friends, neighbors, and family members living in red states will live in fear for their safety if Donald Trump wins. She doesn’t get that many of today’s young women won’t have the choices or educational opportunities she enjoyed if Donald Trump wins and more women’s health clinics get shut down.

She claims her completely off-base worldview doesn’t come from a place of white privilege, but it does.

‘And no, I’m not just saying that because of her white-privileged faux feminism.’

Jill Stein claims she knows all about the kind of racism Donald Trump promotes, but she has no clue.

‘I know that kind of racism. We already live in that kind of racism everyday — let’s bring it to light and start calling it out.’

Sorry, Jill Stein. When it comes to elections, all votes have consequences. Even not voting has consequences. And for purists voting for third-party candidates in a two-party system, the consequences are often the opposite of what the voter intended. As John Oliver explained on October 16th’s Last Week Tonight:

‘When people say “you don’t have to choose the lesser of two evils” they are right. Because you have to choose the lesser of four.’

This writer’s all for sticking it to the man, but not when the pointy end of the stick is pointing towards us. Here’s Jill Stein’s appalling post from Facebook so you can read it for yourself.

And now, this.

And here’s John Oliver’s entire report on third-party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

Featured image: Jill Stein via Facebook.