‘The View’ Turns Explosive: Why The Hell Aren’t We Talking About Trump’s Rape Case?! (VIDEO)


On Tuesday’s episode of The View, the show’s co-hosts spoke at length about FBI director James Comey’s handling of the newest, not-so-scandalous Clinton email scandal. Many of the women had strong opinions about Comey releasing the letter about the emails so soon before the election, especially since he released it before the FBI even had a warrant to investigate the emails.

Sunny Hostin, a former assistant U.S. attorney, commented on the unusual nature of Comey’s announcement:

‘You can’t release information about a pending investigation and certainly not information that could affect an election. It’s clear to me and to other former prosecutors that this is so unprecedented that it’s just simply not done. When you’re there, you have to sign all of the policies … I can’t imagine that the FBI director would do something like this.’

Hostin went on to remind her fellow co-hosts and the show’s viewers that 100 former prosecutors had written a letter saying that Comey had handled the situation inappropriately. She added that she had worked with and been trained by “at least four to five” of the prosecutors who had signed the letter.

Hostin spent a few minutes arguing back and forth about Comey’s letter with co-hosts Jedediah Bila and Whoopi Goldberg before Joy Behar cut in and asked a very important question.

‘Why is it that — maybe I don’t know the law that well — but there was no investigation until after the election of fraud at Trump University. That’s after the election we’re going to hear about that. Then there are these allegations from 11 women about sexual assault. We’ll hear about that after the election. PolitiFact has called Trump the biggest liar of the year. He lies about everything. He has a shady past regarding his foundation—’

At this point, Hostin jumped back in, reminding Behar that Trump also has a child rape case against him that is pending in federal court.

Hostin’s addition to the conversation further proved Behar’s point. She continued:

‘Well, that — OK. So, these are the things, as an American citizen, why am I only listening about somebody’s emails? Why am I not hearing from the authorities about these cases?’

Behar’s question is an important one, and she is not the first person to have brought it up. At this time, there is no evidence that the newly discovered emails have anything to do with Hillary Clinton, and it doesn’t seem that the FBI will be providing any concrete details anytime soon. However, as Clinton is struggling in the polls as a result of Comey jumping the gun, many people have forgotten that, in addition to the child rape allegations against Trump, he is currently dealing with 74 other ongoing legal battles.

None of this election’s candidates — including third-party options — are without dirty laundry. As the women of The View pointed out, Hillary Clinton should not be treated as if she is the only one.

Watch the full segment of The View below, via Twitter:

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.