102-Year-Old Grandma Born BEFORE Women Could Vote, Makes HISTORIC Announcement (DETAILS)


Jerry Emmett, the inspirational centenarian who made headlines in July when she carried a “Centenarian for Hillary” sign at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, announced on Tuesday that she has cast her vote for Hillary Clinton in Prescott, Arizona.

Born before women were even permitted to vote in the United States, Geraldine “Jerry” Emmett is a strong Clinton supporter and has used her unique perspective to encourage others to vote the same.

Emmett is also encouraging other Arizona voters to take advantage of the state’s early voting system to avoid waiting at the polls or missing the opportunity to vote at all.

According to the Associated Press, Jerry Emmett remembers seeing her mother go to vote once the 19th Amendment, the one guaranteeing the vote for women, was ratified in 1920. Emmett told the AP that she has been waiting her entire life to vote for a woman president and has been eager for a chance to vote for Hillary Clinton.

In a feature article with the Phoenix New Times, Jerry Emmett described herself as a lifelong “good Democrat,” and at 102, was the oldest member of the delegation from Arizona, albeit an honorary one for this year.

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The View host Joy Behar talks with Jerry Emmett during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July. Photo by Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images

One of Emmett’s biggest concerns during the convention was her health and whether or not she would “embarrass anybody by passing out or something” within all the hubbub of the big event.

Jerry Emmett is very politically active and says she has campaigned for Democratic Party candidates for as long as she can recall. Emmett told the Phoenix New Times that she didn’t think she’d get the opportunity to vote for a female president.

‘I surely didn’t plan to live past 100 years old. When I did, and I saw all these things that were happening, it was like I had a shot in the arm.

‘I think Hillary is going to be the president of the United States.’

As for Donald Trump, Emmett could only add:

‘I think he’s a jerk — and that’s about all I can say.’

Emmett is also a big fan of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deal policies:

‘I see nothing wrong with taxes. If I pay five cents on a hundred dollars so that some kid can get food, I think that’s perfectly all right. And I think that’s a Democratic view.’

You can watch CNN’s feature of Jerry Emmett below gleefully talking about her proud political history and wisely adding:

‘If you don’t vote, you don’t have any say at all.’

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