Donald Trump Attacks Female NBC Reporter AGAIN During Florida Rally, Secret Service Contacted


Donald Trump has been known to attack the media by accusing them of them “rigging” news against him, but he went too far yet again when he appeared to try to sic one of his slathering rally audiences on NBC reporter Katy Tur on Wednesday.

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has summoned his alt-right zombies into vengeance by calling Tur out by name and putting her in danger. In December 2015, Trump called her out from the stage and called her “Little Katy, third-rate journalist,” prompting attendees to point at the journalist and boo. The situation became so volatile, that Tur was given secret service protection to escort her to her vehicle after the rally.

This time, speaking at a rally in Miami on Wednesday, Trump complained about the media again, saying:

‘It’s too bad those cameras aren’t turning around to see this incredible group of people, with thousands more outside. Isn’t it too bad? They don’t do it.

Trump then turned and pointed at Tur during the rally and began bullying her from the podium, blaming her for how the media is covering his campaign.

‘We have two more [rallies] today in Florida, and we have massive crowds. There’s something happening. They’re not reporting it. Katy, you’re not reporting it, Katy. But there’s something happening, Katy. There’s something happening, Katy.’

Pretty terrifying stuff when combined with other Trump events where enraged audiences have been “aimed” as a weapon of outrage against reporters in support of the Trumpster Fire’s bizarre bid for presidential power.

BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray reported it on Twitter:

You can watch the incident here courtesy of YouTube.

Directly following Trump’s bullying of Katy Tur, Twitter users showed their support for her with the twitter hashtag #ImWithTur (referencing the pro-Hillary Clinton hashtag #ImWithHer).

According to USA Today, the hashtag first came into use in July when Trump insulted Tur and told her to “be quiet” during a press conference.

Tur is NBC’s foreign correspondent, normally based in London, who was given the unenviable task of following the Trump campaign. She wrote about her experience in April in an article for Marie Claire.

The Twitterverse, including well-known journalists, has been sending support for Tur via tweets using the #ImWithTur hashtag, and complimenting her fortitude while dealing with who has to be one of the most unprofessional, unhinged, and un-self-controlled presidential candidates in modern history.

Featured image via RHONA WISE/AFP/Getty Images