George W. Bush’s Vote Leaked To Media By Nephew, Fireworks ERUPT In Seconds (DETAILS)


In what can only be called a deeply strange twist to this already raucous presidential election season, a relative of George W. Bush has announced that the former president is a supporter of Hillary Clinton in the race for the presidency.

As reported by the Idaho Statesman:

‘George P. Bush says he’s the only member of his powerful political family who will be voting straight-ticket Republican and says his grandfather and uncle, both former presidents, could cast ballots for Hillary Clinton. Bush was addressing a small Republican rally in San Marcos, Texas, Tuesday night.’

George P. Bush is the eldest son of former Florida Governor — and defeated Republican presidential primary candidate — Jeb Bush, who is, of course, the brother of the former President, George W. Bush.

George P. Bush, the relative of political royalty, was speaking at a small Republican rally in San Marcos, Texas, on Tuesday. When he, as mentioned, claimed to the crowd that he is the only member of the Bush family who supports Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, in the race for the Oval Office.

Thus implicitly making the bold assertion that none other than former president George W. Bush had jumped ship from the burning wreckage of the Republican Party. The Associated Press tried to get a clarification from, the lesser known Bush family member, as to how exactly he knew what he had implied; namely, that the man so intertwined with the definition of the Republican Party had, in a way, left it.

George P. Bush told the Associated Press that he doesn’t, actually, “know how they voted.” Speaking of the rest of the members of his family of political elites, and that he, while speaking to his family’s political leanings at the San Marcos rally was “speculating, to be honest.”

Still, it’s hardly as though the former president has come out swinging as a supporter of the Republican presidential nominee, and it’s not as though there is any time left to do so, with the election about one week away.

There is also the added element that a Facebook post has long circulated from Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter, Kathleen Harrington Kennedy Townsend; claiming that former president George H. W. Bush was, in fact, a Clinton supporter.

And again, although representatives from the Bush family have not come out to expressly state that such claims are true. Neither have any members of the Bush family or representatives of the Bush family come out to express support for Donald Trump.

Adding to the likelihood that George P. Bush is right on target with his speculation; is the fact that should the Bush family be Clinton supporters, they would be in good company.

Leading Republicans, including dozens of former officials of the administrations of both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, have come out as vehemently opposed to the wild and destructive presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

These former officials of Bush presidential administrations who back Clinton include Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, and John Negroponte, to name a few.

Featured Image via Tim Rooke – Pool /Getty Images