JUST IN: Clinton Vs Trump Bloomberg Poll Released, Numbers Show VERY Good News (STATS)


In a recently released Bloomberg poll on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton has gained a slight lead over Donald Trump among independent voters.

According to the survey, in a four-way race with less than a week until election day, Hillary Clinton holds 30 percent of support from independent voters over Donald Trump’s 27 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson holds 19 percent support among independents, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein is trailing with 8 percent. This leaves another 16 percent of likely independent voters who are still undecided as to which candidate they will vote for.

When the likely independent voters were asked if they were hypothetically only able to choose between the two major-party candidates, 39 percent said they would back Hillary Clinton and 35 percent gave their support to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In the last presidential election, likely independent voters made up around 29 percent of the electorate. This group doesn’t identify themselves with either party, and their vote can be monumental in the decision making when it comes to the upcoming election. The independent vote has always been an important one in the race for the White House, although it doesn’t always determine the ultimate winner.

Pollster Doug Usher, who lead this particular survey, spoke with Bloomberg Politics about the closeness of the race with the independent voters.

‘This is a very tight race among independents, who are finding themselves alienated from both major party candidates as well as both parties as they make their final choice.’

As per the usual, the independent voters aren’t very fond of either candidate. Despite that fact, they lean a little more toward Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump as the race winds closer to Election Day. According to the survey, independents believe Hillary Clinton is more in line with the Democratic party than Trump is with the Republican party.

The news of all scandals haven’t really helped or hurt either candidate in a major way when it comes to decision making for independent voters. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal hasn’t swayed many opinions of independent voters, as 47 percent of the likely voters said the new release of emails hasn’t changed their minds. Only a quarter of those surveyed said the findings would possibly make them support Trump, and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson could, in turn, get the remaining independent votes from those opposed to Trump.

The survey was conducted between Oct. 28 through 31, using 601 participants. The margin of error is plus or minus four percentage points.

Featured Image: Getty Images