BREAKING: 55 Military Leaders Break Tradition, Drop DEFIANT 2016 Endorsement (DETAILS)


The 55 top retired American military leaders spoke out in an open letter that was just released to The Wall Street Journal. In the letter, they completely denounce Republican presidential nominee and alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump.

‘As retired military professionals, we condemn Donald Trump in the strongest terms.’

The undeniably prestigious collection of military officers that contributed to the letter also includes the very first female three-star Army general, Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, who not only was the very first female to achieve her rank but also the victim of sexual assault while still in the military. Actually, according to Kennedy, she was assaulted twice, as stated in an interview:

‘Gen. Kennedy said in an interview that she had personal reasons for signing. She said she first was assaulted when she was a young lieutenant and again as a field grade officer. As a two-star general in the late 1990s, Gen. Kennedy recalled a business meeting in her office with an officer who was junior in rank to her. When the meeting concluded, he pulled her forcibly toward him and groped her.

‘”The biggest thing we can do is get it out in the open and out of the shadows,” she said in the interview. “Nobody is keeping any secrets here.”

‘The retired officers decided on their own to write the letter, Gen. Kennedy said.’

In the letter, the Republican presidential nominee is called out by name, and it’s not hard to infer what exactly the prestigious group takes issue with when it comes to Trump.

‘The American people deserve better than a misogynist-in-chief. Donald Trump’s behavior is antithetical to American values.’

The signers of this letter come from all four branches of the military and include four-star generals, three-star generals. Many of those who participated are retired senior officers that are well known.

‘If Donald Trump is not repudiated, no amount of training or policy review will bring the changes needed in behavior. During the Commander-in-Chief Forum, Trump appeared to be very confused about the significance of this issue. He suggest that sexual assault should be expected in the military “when they put men and women together”.’

The GOP nominee has sung his own praises through out this election season, every time he’s doing well in the polls. When he’s falling behind miserably, like he is currently, he blames it on the media, on his opponent, on virtually anyone but the one person who is absolutely to blame, himself.

From the racist comments even before he began his presidential campaign to insisting we need to ban an entire religion, the man is an absolute menace. He obviously wasn’t banking on his misogynist ways coming back to bite him when he bragged about sexually assaulting women in an audio tape from several years ago. Now, with a court date looming just beyond the election, in the case of child rape, Donald Trump’s sinking ship can now safely be referred to as a dumpster fire. Military officials won’t stand for Trump’s special brand of misogyny and neither should you.