BREAKING: Early Voting Numbers From FLORIDA Released, Pollsters Left SPEECHLESS (STATS)


MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell reported that over a quarter of registered Republicans from the Sunshine State have already cast their votes for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

O’Donnell shared the news via Twitter following the show:

‘28% of Florida early voting Republicans have voted for @HillaryClinton.’

A new poll by William and Mary College and TargetSmart found that Clinton “is winning 28% of registered Republicans,” according to TargetSmart CEO Tom Bonier.

In total, the survey found that Clinton has already won 53 percent of early votes thus far in the presidential election, which is nothing bad but news for Trump.

Bonier explained to O’Donnell:

‘This includes absentee ballot voters who tend to trend more Republican and 28% of those voters are crossing over, when we look at Democrats, there’s almost no crossing over.’

He went on, spelling out nothing but doom for Trump:

‘Trump has only won 6% of those voters. Yes. These are people that have already voted, and these Republicans are not just saying it to pollsters, but they’re doing it in Florida.’

If the results from the poll prove to be accurate, Trump is looking at an early election defeat. There is absolutely no way Trump can pull off a win after losing America’s biggest swing state. It seems that Floridians are adamant they don’t want a Trump presidency, and for good reason.

Findings from the United States Elections Project together with the Associated Press indicate that at least 17 million votes had been cast nation-wide as of Friday.

‘”These are voters that are not waiting for election day,” Bonier concluded.’

Michael McDonald is an expert on early voting and runs the United States Elections Project. He told The Wall Street Journal:

‘Clinton has opened up a national lead in the polling, and there are some states that have been following that lead in the state polling. We can also see similar patterns of movement in the early vote as well.’