JUST IN: Bookies Who Are RARELY Wrong, See CLEAR Winner In 2016 Election (DETAILS)


A curious marker of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s fast increasing chances at the presidency has just emerged.

Irish betting site — and world leader in the field of political bets — Paddy Power Politics announced on Tuesday that over nine in 10 of the bets which the site had received in the past 48 hours on the American presidential election were bets for a Trump victory.

Only 9 percent of the bets received in the 48 hours before the Tuesday announcement from Paddy Power Politics were on a Clinton victory. That means that less than one in 10 financial traders presently are confident in a Democratic victory come Election Day.

The tweet featuring the Paddy Power Politics announcement is featured below.

The field of political betting has long had Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as the near certain winner of the presidency come Election Day.

The same goes for the very site to announce the startling Tuesday news that political bets were shifting towards a Trump victory at such a stunning rate.

Political betting markets were so in Clinton’s favor before this week, that Paddy Power Politics already paid out bets on the Democratic nominee’s victory. Thus prompting site spokesman, Féilim Mac An Iomaire, to remark that if Trump pulls off a victory it will leave the betting site with, “some very expensive egg on [the] face.”

Iomaire’s statement reads, in part:

‘We’re not reaching for the rosary beads just yet but if money talks, and it usually does, it’s telling us that Trump still has a puncher’s chance and he’ll be leaving us with some very expensive egg on our face if he does manage to pull it off.’

Remarkably, Trump is still forging ahead even though he has been accused of over a dozen cases of sexual assault.

Of course, the Republican presidential nominee — and accused sex offender — isn’t forging ahead on his own proficiency. FBI Director James Comey broke protocol last Friday to hype up — yet again — the Clinton email scandal by publicly announcing a relatively mundane detail of the case.

Comey’s likely illegal political meddling thus sets the context for the announcement from Paddy Power Politics.

In addition to the strikingly increased betting odds. Trump’s odds of winning the presidency, were the election held today, sits at an over one in three chance according to FiveThirtyEight. A dramatic jump from the one in 10 chance at which he sat very recently.

Featured Image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images