Trump Supporters Set Razor Laden Booby Traps At Polling Places, Worker Badly Hurt (DETAILS)


Amid Trump’s accusations of a rigged election and threats of violence by his supporters, should Clinton be elected. The country certainly seems to be in a frightening state of instability, unprecedented in modern times. But it’s looking like Trumpsters aren’t wasting any time using violence in an effort to get their way.

We’ve already seen a Trump supporter arrested earlier this week for electioneering at a polling place. And now, they’ve just upped the ante in retaliation.

According to the Dallas News, a Trump supporter set up a Trump/Pence 2016 sign at a polling place. Fully knowing that a volunteer would need to take it down, the sign was booby trapped in a blatant attempt to injure whoever handled it.

The sign was discovered placed in front of a polling sign at Collin College, in Plano, Texas. Which is another violation of electioneering laws. When a man went to remove the sign after dropping off a friend at 6:15 am Tuesday morning, he fell victim to strategically placed box cutter blades hidden on the bottom.

The blades sliced the volunteer’s hand, drawing blood.

Election officials responded by issuing an order that all signs be checked prior to being removed in the future, and Collin College spokesperson, Lisa Vasquez, told press:

‘All campaign signs on the college’s campuses are being inspected, and any sharps found on signage will be removed. The college will be working with local election officials and both political parties to ensure safety.’

Steve Spainhouer is the Democratic Party chair in Plano. He was clearly and understandably disturbed by the incident, which prompted him to make this statement:

‘It just shows how far we have come in politics where people want to be so mean and so hateful to try and injure somebody who’s probably not got any political party persuasion one way or the other. I think most people have already made their minds up at this point how they’re going to vote and so there’s nothing to gain by being mean spirited or hateful.’

Collin County Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet told WFAA that this sort of thing is unprecedented in his experience.

‘Tampering a sign in this way… I have not seen that before. I’m not even sure what the motivation to do something like that would be.’

Both men’s responses were measured and clearly didn’t go far enough to the obvious conclusion. Although the man who attempted to remove the sign was not seriously injured, setting a booby trap in a deliberate attempt at disrupting a U.S. election is plainly an example of domestic terrorism and should be investigated and prosecuted as such. Unfortunately, the area does not contain any security cameras so the culprit is unlikely to be caught. Anyone with information about the person or persons perpetrating this crime is encouraged to contact local authorities. Let’s all pray for, meditate on, or visualize an election week where this is the worst anyone gets hurt.

Featured image is from the embedded tweet.