?PANTS ON FIRE!? Donald Trump LIED 490 Times In Just 7 Weeks (LIST)


How do you know Donald Trump’s lying? His lips are moving. Counting Donald Trump’s lies for this election seems as infinite as counting grains of sand or stars in the sky, yet one diligent soul has gathered and categorized all the ones uttered since Sept. 15.

But wait . . . How many lies can a man tell in just seven weeks and a day? A total of 490 as of Friday, Nov. 4 to be exact.

Daniel Dale, the Washington bureau chief for the Toronto Star, began tracking Donald Trump’s lies as part of the usual fact checking he performs as part of his job. He soon may have realized he needed help, because he asked his colleague Tanya Talaga — a global economics reporter — for help. She pored over Dale’s massive list and organized Donald Trump’s lies into 20 categories, as shown in the chart below.

Donald-Trump-lies-chart ?PANTS ON FIRE!? Donald Trump LIED 490 Times In Just 7 Weeks (LIST) Donald Trump Election 2016 Politics Top Stories
Donald Trump’s lies organized by category. Data source: The Toronto Star.

The categories and numbers for Donald Trump’s lies from Oct. 15-Nov. 4 include: Clinton’s policies (68); Clinton’s “corruption” (51); Trump’s poll numbers (39); WTF (38); Blacks/inner cities (37); Trade/economy (35); Refugees/immigration (34); Trump’s record (34); DAESH (also known as ISIS)/the Middle East (32); Clinton’s record (24); “Rigged election” (20); Health care (16); Trump’s endorsements (14); Obama’s record (10); The campaign (10); Russia (9); Taxes (8); Sex assault allegations (6); Clinton’s health (5); and Government corruption (4).

Daniel Dale and Tanya Talaga also observe that the quantity of Donald Trump’s lies are rivaled only by their extravagance. The man drops whoppers even when they’re ridiculously obvious and offer no benefit to him whatsoever.

‘But there seems no benefit to such outlandish statements. Trump just seems unable to not say them.’

PolitiFact also did an analysis of all the presidential candidates on their Truth-O-Meter and found Donald Trump’s lies — including their Pants On Fire, False, and Mostly False categories — by far exceeded those of any other candidate.


An analysis by Public.Tableau.Com had similar findings.

And here’s another one from Vox.

Read: Daniel Dale’s catalog of Donald Trump’s 490 outrageous lies told in just seven weeks.

Here’s Daniel Dales complete list of “490 false things” Donald Trump has said since he entered the 2016 presidential race, organized by category.

During the first presidential debate on Sept. 26 alone, Daniel Dale noted Donald Trump lied a whopping 34 times compared to the six less blatant lies told by Hillary Clinton. In his video after that debate, David Pakman also mentioned the outlandishness of Donald Trump’s lies.

‘What’s fascinating is what Donald Trump is choosing to lie about. It’s stupid stuff that’s easily verified, which demonstrates to me that there is at least somewhat of a compulsive nature to these lies that we’re hearing from Donald Trump.’

Pakman also notes that Hillary Clinton’s “lies” are often related to complex issues where “there’s at least some disagreement” among experts. Here’s the video with David Pakman’s shrewd breakdown of Donald Trump’s lies during that highly depressing debate.

Featured image: Joe Raedle via Getty Images.