BREAKING: Trump Dramatically Rushed Off Stage By Secret Service, Chaos Ensues (VIDEO)


The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, suffered a serious scare tonight after being rushed off the campaign stage by Secret Service in Reno, Nevada.

CNN reported that a crowd member yelled someone had a gun in the crowd. The scuffle happened close to the front of the stage. Secret Service removed one individual who appeared to be a white man in his 30s or 40s.

However, Trump was quick to return to the stage after the individual was detained by local law enforcement and Secret Service. CNN reported that a SWAT unit also showed up at the front of the crowd.

NBC news correspondent Jacob Rascon tweeted pictures showing the man was being detained in a back bathroom.

‘Man who caused disturbance at Trump rally being held in bathroom in back of venue. Officers inside with him, and outside on guard.’

He also tweeted when Trump returned to the stage he said, “Nobody said it was going to be easy for us. But we will never be stopped.”

Eric Trump, who was appearing on Justice With Judge Jeanine when the news broke, blamed liberals for the incident commenting:

‘Listen, it’s interesting. That’s the tolerant left. That are the same people that were being paid to incite violence’

You can watch the scuffle below.

Featured image screengrab from video.