FBI Mobilized After Democrats’ HQ Was Secretly BUGGED, GOP In VERY Big Trouble (DETAILS)


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) recently told the FBI they’d found evidence that their offices were bugged. Apparently, Donald Trump and the GOP’s platform are so repellent even they know they can’t win without breaking the law. And if this sounds familiar, that’s because Richard Nixon was impeached and resigned after his operatives got caught bugging DNC headquarters at the Watergate hotel back in 1972.

According to Mother Jones, two sources who’ve asked to stay anonymous, say that in September, after the Russian email hack, the DNC did an electronic sweep of their offices. Nothing unusual was found that time. Then evil right-wing leprechaun James O’Keefe from “Project Veritas” released a video with hidden camera footage with top Democrats appearing to say incriminating things.

The DNC’s interim chair Donna Brazile ordered a second electronic sweep, and this time found something alarming:

‘The second sweep, according to the Democratic officials, found a radio signal near the chairman’s office that indicated there might be a listening device outside the office. “We were told that this was something that could pick up calls from cellphones,” a DNC official says. “The guys who did the sweep said it was a strong indication.” No device was recovered. No possible culprits were identified.’

Never mind that “Project Veritas” traffics in lies, and cobbled together videos with out-of-context quotes and scenes like their Planned Parenthood “baby parts” videos. The bogus “sting video” claims to show Democrats plotting voter fraud and inciting violence at Donald Trump’s rallies (as though Trump and his supporters aren’t perfectly capable of inciting violence on their own). . . . If there’s anything we can learn from this election, it’s that people will believe what they want to believe.

The DNC sent a full report with all the technical details to the FBI. One of the unnamed DNC officials told Mother Jones:

‘We believe it’s been given by the bureau to another agency with three letters to examine. We’re not supposed to talk about it.’

The other DNC official added:

‘As a general policy, we don’t talk about such efforts, [but] You have to take all of this incredibly seriously.’

When asked about the report filed with the FBI, DNC spokesman Adam Hodge blandly declared:

‘The DNC is not going to comment on stories about its security. In all security matters, we cooperate fully with the appropriate law enforcement agencies and take all necessary steps to protect the committee and the safety and security of our staff.’

Can the FBI be trusted to investigate the DNC’s reports of illegal surveillance?

Mother Jones contacted the FBI, but no one could be reached for comment. That’s not at all surprising, given that pro-Trump agents within the FBI are actively working to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign with their blatantly false “new emails” and Clinton Foundation “investigations.”

Never mind that the Clinton Foundation has a four-star, 94.74 rating from Charity Navigator. Never mind that these FBI agents are in violation of the Hatch Act of 1939, which limits the political activities of taxpayer funded federal employees. Never mind that their so-called “investigation” turns out to be based on a book called “Clinton Cash” by renowned anti-Clinton hack, Peter Schweizer.

Oh, and apparently, these rogue FBI agents are obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s emails…. Yet they have no problem with Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and the fact that his campaign funneled cash to Project Veritas, which illegally bugged the DNC offices.

And make no mistake — There’s something very fishy about FBI Director James Comey sending that letter to committee heads in Congress about those “new” Hillary Clinton emails that turned out to be Anthony Weiner’s emails. On Friday, The Guardian reported a concerned FBI agent told them “the FBI is Trumpland.”

‘The currently serving FBI agent said Clinton is “the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel,” and that “the reason why they’re leaking is they’re pro-Trump.”’

Watch: MSNBC reports on the FBI’s suspicious leaks.

It’s not just the DNC and pro-Hillary voters who are outraged by the FBI’s handling of the Clinton investigations. Some Republicans also find their meddling in the election to be problematic. Even Steve Schmidt, a GOP strategist, angrily declares the FBI has become a “politicized, discredited institution.” Here’s the video with MSNBC’s interview with Spencer Ackerman, who broke the above-mentioned FBI story with The Guardian.

Featured image: Simon Potter via Getty Images.