Joy Reid Tears Donald Trump To Shreds For Complaining About Beyonce & Jay Z (VIDEO)


When the entire voting public knows that you’ve bragged about “grabbing women by the p*ssy” without their consent, maybe you shouldn’t throw stones at people who use bad language.

Joy Reid said as much to GOP nominee Donald Trump on Saturday morning after Trump complained about Jay-Z’s use of swear words during a concert for Hillary Clinton.

‘I actually like Jay Z. But, you know, the language last night. He used every word in the book. I won’t even use the initials, because I’ll get in trouble.’

Pointing at the press covering his rally, whom Trump loves to demonize when they quote him directly, the failed businessman-turned-politician said:

‘They’ll get me in trouble.’

Of course, it’s always the media’s fault for reporting to the public the things that Donald Trump actually says. How dare they?

Joy Reid was not amused by Trump’s deflection. Although Trump attempted to compare his own words to Jay-Z’s as though the media has been unfair to him over the rapper and truly successful businessman, Joy Reid reminded Donald Trump and her viewers what the difference is between the rapper’s lyrics and Trump’s real-life confession.

‘Now, Donald Trump has a problem with Jay Z’s language, okay? Because Jay Z is a hip hop guy. I want to remind America, the guy who has a problem with Jay Z’s language? This is his language.’

Reid then showed her viewers a clip of the infamous Access Hollywood video featuring Donald Trump, unguarded and bragging about sexually assaulting women.

As Reid then reminded her viewers, as well as the GOP nominee:

‘Jay Z has said a lot of things in his songs, but he’s never said that, Donald Trump.’

Reid’s contributors even took on Trump’s wife, Melania, who has done her part to try to soften her racist, sexist, sexually-abusing husband by telling voters that her signature issue as First Lady would be cyber-bullying. Apparently, having a bully as president is fine with Melania Trump, as long as he isn’t bullying anyone online.

Oh, wait.

No one in the Trump family needs to go near the issue of cyber-bullying. As one of AM Joy’s contributors added:

‘We should perhaps talk to Melania, who wants to have this campaign against cyber-bullying — which she can begin at home at the dinner table.’

See the full segment below:

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