JUST IN: Final Clinton Vs Trump IOWA Poll Released, Numbers Show BIG 3-Day Movement (STATS)


While Donald Trump’s campaign gloats over the FBI’s “new emails” and Hillary Clinton’s impending doom, they forgot about one little thing: Iowa.

Iowa’s a smallish Midwestern state with just 6 electoral votes and 3.1 million people, 91.8 percent of whom are white. Yet top Republicans admit that Donald Trump can’t win without Iowa. The Orange Revolution has enjoyed a narrow lead there, but even on Wednesday -as Fox “News” falsely claimed the FBI would impeach Hillary Clinton – CNN reported that Mein Trumpf’s victory in Iowa is far from assured.

Andy McGuire, Iowa’s Democratic Party chair, told CNN the race was tightening in favor of Hillary Clinton.

‘I was disappointed when we saw that Trump was doing well, but now we’re a toss-up state which is what we thought we were before.’

Sure enough, Loras College released the stunning results from their latest (and final) poll on Saturday, which showed that Hillary Clinton has stolen a one-point lead in what we all once thought was Trump country.

That’s right. Hillary Clinton edges out Donald Trump 44 percent to his 43 percent. The Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson and Green Party’s Jill Stein have a paltry 3 percent each. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is not known for his ground game. However, the above-mentioned CNN article assures us that his state and local operatives have definitely got people knocking on doors in the hotly-contested state of Iowa.

Christopher Budzisz, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Politics and Director of the Loras College Poll, says:

‘It looks like things may come down to the wire here in Iowa. The presidential race is within the margin of error, and both campaigns will be pushing hard to ensure their supporters get to the polls. Iowa GOP turnout efforts for Election Day may be more important this year than ever before given the role of early voting’

Hillary Clinton’s advantage with minority voters may not get her very far in a lily-white state like Iowa. There are plenty of white women and white college students who don’t like Donald Trump in Iowa, though.

According to The Des Moines Register, “Hillary Clinton’s path to victory runs through the suburbs and depends on female voters.” In other words, she’s counting on women who are thrilled by the prospect of finally having a woman in the Oval Office and who are fed up with Donald Trump’s “divisive rhetoric”…the Iowa newspaper’s term for the loathsome torrent of misogyny and racist bigotry spewing forth from the GOP candidate’s orangutan anus of a mouth.

You won’t see Hillary Clinton or her supporters popping the champagne, though. Despite this small lead in Iowa and Clinton’s massive and nationwide advantage with early voters, Republicans are likely to turn out in droves on Tuesday. After all, conservatives do cherish their traditions…and one favorite tradition is actually going to the polls on Election Day and casting their ballots.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton fights Donald Trump for Iowa voters.

Featured image: Video screen grab via The Des Moines Register