JUST IN: Clinton Campaign Releases FINAL Campaign Ad, It Will Make You Stand & Cheer (VIDEO)


In the final campaign ad from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a clear message of hope and triumph emerges.

Previous ads from the Clinton campaign have been strong, but the focus has been on the GOP nominee, Donald Trump. A clear message was sent by those campaign ads that Trump is not fit to be leader of the free world and that his divisiveness, racism, and sexism would set America back despite decades of progress. The message made an impact, but did little to highlight the policies and positive points brought to the presidential campaign by Hillary Clinton.

The new ad, however, does just that. With Katy Perry’s “Roar” playing over the ad, Clinton highlights the nominee’s platform points perfectly: the environment, equality, equal pay, families, and fairness. Only once does the ad remind everyone what they’re voting against: hate.

According to POLITICO, the ad will run in the battleground states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, until Nov. 11. According to FiveThirtyEight.com, Clinton is leading in several of those states at this point in the race: Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin. Those five states are clearly leaning blue, while only Arizona, Ohio, and New Hampshire show any clear poll leads for the GOP candidate. The same site also gives Hillary Clinton a 64.2 percent chance of winning the election and Donald Trump a 35.7% chance with only two days left before Election Day.

Clinton’s ad will hit at exactly the right time, also. Most Americans are well aware of Trump’s many disgusting comments about women and minorities, as well as his endless stream of scandals around his tax returns and ties to Russian government. What was most needed by the Clinton campaign was not a reminder of why they’re voting against Donald Trump, but why they should vote for Hillary Clinton.

The ad also subtly remind voters of the breadth of experience behind Hillary Clinton. Footage of recent campaign speeches by Clinton are shown, but so are campaign speeches from Clinton’s younger days. It is a clear reminder that Clinton did not just jump into politics with no record to back her up, but that she has fought for families, children, and the Democratic platform for a significant portion of her life.

See the campaign ad below, and get ready to stand up and cheer!

Featured image screengrab via YouTube