Kellyanne Conway Went On ‘CNN Sunday’ To Promote ‘Assassination’, Gets LAUGHED Off Air (VIDEO)


Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told Jake Tapper that the “assassination attempt” on Donald Trump at a Reno, Nevada rally on Saturday night was “scary.”

The CNN host had a hard time holding back the laughs.

After Republican nominee and amateur politician Donald Trump was hustled offstage at a Reno, Nevada rally on Saturday evening by secret service agents, his campaign attempted to spin the whole event into an assassination attempt.

The U.S. Secret Service is very dedicated and takes no chances, but the truth was far more mundane. Austyn Crites, 33, caused a kerfuffle in the front rows of the rally by holding a “Republicans Against Trump” sign to protest the Orange One’s degradation of his political party. Trump supporters who took offense at his stance pummeled the poor man, with one falsely shouting that he had a gun, and it caused such havoc that the candidate was rushed off the stage only to return moments later.

However, the Trump campaign persisted in spreading the rumor that there was an assassination attempt, with Donald Trump Jr. and Trump social media director Dan Scavino retweeting comments framing the non-event as some big melodramatic affair. Perfect for Donald Trump’s history of over-dramatization for reality TV, but completely inaccurate and perfect for playing into the hands of paranoid Trump supporters.

Kellyanne Conway was called to the carpet for the falsification on CNN’s State of the Union, and continued to make mountains out of molehills with lies and diversions, telling Tapper:

‘It’s scary. All the coverage is usually about our protesters wreaking havoc and making people feel afraid. And it certainly goes both ways. I’m with Mr. Trump and the Secret Service routinely. They do an amazing job.’

‘I also want to point out because some people are spreading misinformation about the protester. He had canvassed for Hillary Clinton and he had donated to her campaign. So this is a Democratic plant or operative trying to disrupt our rally. And I think people saw a nimble, resilient Donald Trump who would be nimble and resilient as president as well.’

But Tapper wasn’t to be diverted by Conway and her ridiculous and illogical high-speed pivots:

‘Except it wasn’t an assassination attempt. It was apparently a local voter, a Republican who says he is supporting Hillary Clinton. He has given money to Hillary Clinton. He has canvassed for Hillary Clinton. But he says he’s a Republican. But most importantly, he was not trying to assassinate anyone.

‘This was not an assassination attempt, but why is your campaign spreading that it was?’

Confronted with a flat-out honest question that she cannot answer honestly, Conway slipped into the third stage of grief: bargaining.

‘Is CNN going to retract all the storylines, all the headlines, all the breathless predictions of the last two weeks that turned out not to be true — the race is over, the path is closed, it’s going to be a blowout?

‘You guys retract that and I’ll give a call to Dan Scavino about the retweet.’

Apparently, the Trump campaign will retract their lies if CNN retracts their factual reporting of the campaign. Tapper responded to Conway’s accusation of false reporting:

‘We’ve been saying all along that Donald Trump has a path to the presidency.’

Conway simply said, “Wow,” to which Tapper responded, laughing out loud:

‘You can say “wow” all you want, I’ve never said that the race was over. We can replay as many tapes as you want.’

Apparently the Trump campaign is so lost in its own paranoid and melodramatic false narrative of persecution — claims of rigging, claims of biased media, claims of assassination attempts, despite numerous reports that Trump’s numbers have, in fact, been rising — that they don’t even know how to accept legitimate good news.

What color is the sky in that world?

You can watch the video of Kellyanne Conway getting laughed off the air below.

Feature image via video screenshot