BREAKING. Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada, & Ohio FINAL Polls Released, Results Are INCREDIBLE


According to a recently released Emerson College Polling prediction, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is going to win the upcoming election on Tuesday by a landslide.

In order to win the presidency, a candidate must reach the magic number of 270 electoral votes. Predictions made by the Emerson College Polling Society are showing Hillary Clinton getting 323 votes as opposed to Donald Trump receiving 215.

According to the predictions, Hillary Clinton should take most of the swing states. They show Clinton taking the states of Wisconsin, Florida, Colorado, New Hampshire, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Nevada. They predict Donald Trump will win the states of Iowa and Ohio.

Although it is predicted that she will win in a landslide, information they have retrieved shows that the race is tight for the two candidates in some of the swing states. Some of the states even have Trump with a pretty massive lead over Clinton. Lucky for her, those states aren’t very much of a threat to her as far as the election is concerned.

In the states of Nevada and New Hampshire, the polls show that Clinton has a one point advantage over Trump. Two of the states that show Donald Trump leading Clinton are Missouri and Ohio, where he is ahead of her by over five points. Despite those numbers, Hillary should still expect to take the states that will put her well over the needed 270 electoral votes.

Screenshot-2016-11-07-at-1.37.32-PM BREAKING. Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada, & Ohio FINAL Polls Released, Results Are INCREDIBLE Donald Trump Election 2016 Hillary Clinton Politics Top Stories
Emerson College Electoral prediction map. Information in the map shows results from Emerson College Polling and Real Clear Politics polling averages combined.

Emerson College polling used their own polling source as well as a Real Clear Politics polling averages in order to develop this prediction.

More good news for Democrats to look forward to from this prediction is that they will also do well as far as Senate races are concerned. In battleground races for Senate, the predictor has Democrats taking more than 50 seats, which is enough for them to gain the majority.

The final polling that they did suggests that Democrats will flip seats in four of the major battleground states. Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri and Pennsylvania are the states presumed to have their Democratic Senate candidates take place of their GOP rivals.

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