Cher Delivers Instantly Viral Anti-Trump Message That Is TAKING The Internet By Storm (MESSAGE)


Singer and actress Cher hosted a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the Park on Thursday. She started the event off by saying how disgusted she would be if Clinton’s rival, Republican candidate Donald Trump, was elected to be the next president of the United States.

When asked what she would do if Trump wins the election, Cher gave the same answer any American who has a brain would give:

‘I’m gonna have to leave the planet.’

The Goddess of pop also called out Trump’s idiotic supporters, who were quick to call her a “libtard,” and explained that because she grew up poor, she understands what it’s like to live in poverty. It wasn’t until later that Cher’s mother remarried a “really rich guy” and her family moved to Beverly Hills.

Admitting that she once despised “the dreaded millennials,” Cher overcame her fear and began expressing her appreciation for young voters and educating them about the importance their votes hold in this election. Offering words of encouragement to young voters, Cher said:

‘Young people with fresh ideas and . . . energy is what we need. We’re fading. Not fast, but we’re fading.’

And she’s completely right. A Trump presidency would be a disaster that America may never recover from. All of the progress that our country has made over the years won’t even matter because Trump will come in and ruin everything, just like he did with all of his “businesses.” Cher knows the importance of keeping Trump out of the oval office, so she makes sure that her Twitter feed is full of tweets trash-talking Mr. Orange in desperate hopes that millennials will receive her messages:

Cher tells her audience exactly how she feels about the Donald in the video below, courtesy of YouTube, and it is hilarious.

Featured image courtesy of Getty Images