JUST IN: Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, & Virginia Results Released, Both Campaigns Shocked (STATS)


There has been a release of some very good news for the Hillary Clinton campaign this weekend. Numbers are looking really good for her chance at winning the election according to early voter turnout. Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook had a conference call with Marlon Marshall, Director of State Campaigns and Political Engagement, and they spoke about the surge and what they have termed a “Clinton Coalition.”

So far, their findings show a record turnout for early voters in several key battleground states, and those turnouts show Hillary with a very good lead over Donald Trump. According to Mook, at least 40 percent of voters in the battleground states have turned out to vote early, if not more. The amount of early voters this year is higher than numbers were at this point in time in the 2012 election.

Mook spoke about a “firewall” they are building with the early voting, and how it’s being actualized by what he calls the “Clinton Coalition”.

‘Our campaign has organized to leverage this early voting period to build a firewall in states with early voting to turn out supporters early and build up a lead that Donald Trump is incapable of overturning… This firewall we’re building is being propelled by what we’re calling the “Clinton Coalition.” ‘

Mook gave numbers for the key battleground states early voter turnout to show exactly what he means by Trump being incapable of overturning.

In Florida, they have estimated that 5.25 million people have already voted, and that the Clinton campaign is so far leading Trump by 170,000 votes. Obama was trailing by 15 thousand votes at this same point in time in 2012, so Hillary supporters should be very happy about these numbers. North Carolina has a 16 percent increase in early voter turnout so far, Nevada has surpassed the 40 percent early voter turnout, and 1 quarter of the voters who didn’t vote in 2014 in Iowa have turned out to vote already as well.

Mook and Marshall also spoke about the demographic that everyone has said Hillary Clinton really needed to succeed in the election: the minority vote.

The Latino voter turnout in Florida, for example, shows that more than 30 percent more than in 2012 have already showed up to vote early. Twenty-two percent more African American voters have shown up to vote than they did during this time in 2012 as well. Another demographic that hasn’t really been looked at much are Asian Americans. They have shown up more than 90 percent in early voter turnout than they did in 2012.

Marlon Marshall even made a statement about the work that the “Clinton Coalition” has done and how it has made this entire early voter turnout the success it is.

‘Since the start of early voting in late September, we’ve been able to knock on 8.3 million doors, and have made more than 37.4 million phone calls…That voter contact has built our early voter advantages that Robby mentioned that we have in our key battleground states.’

Things are looking up for Hillary Clinton and her campaign so far with early voting, but an important thing to remember is to get out the vote on Nov. 8 if early voting wasn’t an option in order to help Clinton come out with the win.