ROAD RAGE: Man Chanting ‘Trump’ FLIPS OUT Calling Driver ‘N*GGER, Black Lives Don’t Matter’ (VIDEO)


A very disturbing video has surfaced on social media showing two men having a heated conversation after an incident of road rage. The video is filmed by a black man sitting in his car with his camera focused on a very angry white driver in the throws of a tantrum only a Republican could have.

The two men pulled over after the incident on the road, at which time, the white man got out of his car and leaned into the passenger window of the black man’s car. The video begins with the white man approaching the car chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump,” then verbally assaulting the black man with racial slurs and blatant disrespect.

The white man repeatedly says the word “n*gger” as he tries to explain to the black man why it is that “black lives don’t matter.” The man goes on and on about how black people live on welfare, wear hats, and can’t keep their pants up.

The entire time, the black man is somehow able to keep his cool, making the white driver even angrier and more belligerent. At the end of the 4.5 minute attack, the black man turns the camera to himself and urges people to get out and vote.

Journalist Shaun King is trying to identify the white man in the video by posting the video to both, his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Any information leading to the identification of this repulsive human should be sent to Shaun King’s Facebook account here.

Video courtesy of Twitter: