Ann Coulter Makes Election Day Tweet SO Racist, Republicans Are Condemning Her (IMAGE)


Ann Coulter is not known for her subtlety, nor is she even known for being fully human. She is apparently fuming on Election Day because non-white folks are allowed to vote, so she took to Twitter to complain about it and produced one of the most blatantly racist tweets to date.

Fortunately for the rest of us, voting laws don’t work that way. All American citizens, regardless of where they or their parents were born, have the fundamental right to vote in this country.

Coulter is a big champion of the Grandfather Clause, a law passed in the South in 1898 to prevent people of color from voting once slavery was repealed and people of color were recognized by federal law as citizens with voting rights. That law was repealed in 1915, which is apparently when Ann Coulter thought America was great.

Quentin Hardy of The New York Times found Coulter’s post rather ironic considering the similarity between Coulter’s proposal and the Nazi Nuremberg laws.

Coulter and her hero, Donald Trump, seem to be fans of more than one aspect of the Nuremberg Laws. In addition to restricting non-white people from voting, the Nuremberg Laws also required people of a particular religion — Jewish citizens — to register themselves with the government. Some of those citizens didn’t even identify as Jewish, but their grandparents’ heritage legally defined them as and forced them to register, anyway.

Like the Nazis, led by Hitler, those in the alt-right supported Trump’s proposal for his presidency to force people of a particular religion — Muslim citizens — to register themselves with the government. Trump also proposed to go after the families of Muslim terrorists without mentioning that some of their family members may not be either Muslim or supportive of terrorism.

While comparisons to Hitler during political debates are often overblown and filled with false equivalencies, the similarities between the policies proposed by folks like Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, their fans and Nazi Germany cannot be denied.

Demonizing races and religions and supporting stripping fundamental rights from black and brown folks is racism, plain and simple. None of these ideas should ever be acceptable in the United States of America.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube