Arizona Teenager Interrupts Live News Feed, Clip Instantly Goes Viral: ‘F*ck Joe Arpaio!’ (VIDEO)


MSNBC was filming a live take outside of a high school in Phoenix, Arizona, when a teenage protester jumped in front of the camera frame and shouted:

‘F*ck Joe Arpaio!’

Arpaio is the racist sheriff of Maricopa County who’s gained a lot of media attention for being the “meanest and most corrupt politician” in America. Despite ample evidence of wrongdoing, Arpaio remains is power and is running for re-election against Democratic candidate Sheriff Paul Penzone.

The best part? If Arpaio lost against Penzone tonight, and poll numbers definitely are in Penzone’s favor, then Arpaio will lose access to the funds he’s used to fight the civil and criminal complaints filed against him.

If you recall, Arpaio’s infamous jail called Tent City was set up 20 years ago where approximately 2,000 inmates live under tarps in the Arizona desert. Seriously. And if that weren’t bad enough, the detainees who live in Tent City are forced to wear pink underwear under their black-and-white-striped uniforms while they crack rocks in the sweltering Arizona heat.

In 2009 Arpaio bragged about chasing members of the Hispanic community out of the area, saying:

‘They hate me, the Hispanic community, because they’re afraid they’re going to be arrested. And they’re all leaving town, so I think we’re doing something good, if they’re leaving.’

In fact, after the abuse the sheriff has put thousands of Hispanics through, it’s no wonder many hate him.¬†The 80-year-old sheriff calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff” but that shouldn’t be taken as a favorable expression. Arpaio has come under fire from the federal government for only feeding inmates in Tent City two meals per day and for forcing female prisoners to sleep in their own menstrual blood.¬†Guards at the prison refer to Mexican inmates as “f**king Mexicans,” “Mexican bitches,” and “wetbacks.”

Arpaio is so hated in Latino communities for his abusive ways that it urged a Chicano rap group to write a song called “F*ck Arpaio.”

Watch MSNBC’s Travis Hughes get interrupted mid-take by a screaming teenager with “colorful language” below, via Twitter:

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